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How to Take Good Property Photos Like a Professional

If you want to take great photos of your property there’s a few important things you should know. 

Here’s how to take good property photos:

  1. Firstly you’ll need to do some preparation for your photoshoot. Make sure the property is well lit with natural light and/or electric light. A good time of day to maximise natural light is around noon. Next make sure to remove bits and pieces lying around that won’t increase the appeal of the room. Think of things like garbage, clothes, dishes, mail, and toys. All of these can really bring down an otherwise great shot.

    If you want to go a step further, you might even consider staging your home with a few added props such as wine glasses on the table to encourage buyers to imagine their life in the house or new cushions to revitalise a tired room.

  2. Where possible, you should try to maximise the impression of space. You can do this by removing clutter and furniture from the room before you photograph it, standing as far back as possible when you take the photo, and shooting towards the corner of the room.

  3. You should also experiment with different angles, as a general rule of thumb, rooms will photograph best when you have the camera at around shoulder height.

  4. Watch out for simple mistakes such as including yourself in the photo by way of a mirror, taking photos without holding the camera straight, or taking photos with a camera or phone held vertically instead of horizontally as each of these mistakes are going to make your photos look amateur.

  5. Include all the basics but none of the unnecessary stuff. Buyers will generally expect to be able to see an outside shot, as well as photos of the kitchen, lounge room, bedroom and bathroom. If one of these shots are missing, they may feel you’re trying to hide something. That said, don’t overload the buyer with photos. One photo of each space is enough and you do not need photos of your toilet.

  6. Carefully review the photos you decide to use and make sure they’re not at all blurry or crooked. It can also be a good idea to take these finished photos and make slight adjustments to brightness or contrast to increase their appeal. If you decide to crop a photo make sure that you keep it to a ratio of 4 wide to 3 tall as photos with other aspect ratios will not display well on

How to take property photos that are magazine quality? It might be worth asking a real estate photographer.

Consider getting help – whilst it’s not for everyone, if you want amazing photos you really can’t beat having photography done professionally.

If you’ve got other tips on getting a great photo, or have seen some shockers, we’d love to hear about it so don’t forget to let us know!

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