Cropping, Resizing, and Rotating Photos


Your photos are too large or too small

For best results, we recommend a resolution of 2000 × 1500 pixels or higher, in a standard 4:3 ratio.

It is possible to upload smaller images, however, the images will be published with a dark border on and other websites. Anything under 800 x 600 pixels will generally be rejected as will photos that are under 500 kilobytes. If your photos are too small it is not possible to resize them to increase the size as this will make them blurry.

The maximum size per file is 5MB. If your photos are larger than the maximum file size or much larger than the recommended resolution, you need to resize them.  Here’s how to do that:

If you have a Windows computer, locate the photo(s) on your computer, and click on it with your right mouse button

Now click Open With>Paint

When the photo opens in Paint, click “Resize” (top left)

Then choose the “Pixels” option and set “Horizontal” to 800 (leave the “Maintain Aspect Ratio” box checked and it will automatically choose the “Vertical” option for you)

Click “OK” then go to “File > “Save” on the top left. Use “Save” to save over your original image, or “Save As” if you would like to keep a separate copy of the original image.

If you do not have a Windows computer or need an alternative way to resize is a free online photo editing tool that can help you resize your images.

Here is how you can resize your property photos using Pixlr:

Note: Our Customer Care team does not support any troubleshooting enquiries regarding Pixlr. Pixlr is only a suggestion to help you resize your photo. You may find other photo editing software to suit your needs.

On the Pixlr homepage, scroll down and select the PIXLR Editor option to start editing your photo.

When you are in the PIXLR Editor, click the OPEN IMAGE FROM COMPUTER option and then find and select the property photo that you would like to resize from your files.

In the general page tabs at the top of the page, click Image and then select Image size… from the drop-down menu.

In the Image size box, uncheck the Constrain proportions box then change your Width and your Height 2000 x 1500 and click OK.

If you are satisfied with your resized property photo, click File and then Save… to save your property photo to your files.

Your photos are the wrong way up

To rotate photos in Windows 7 and earlier

Find photos on your computer.

Click on thumbnail of photo with right mouse button.

Click “Rotate Clockwise” or “Rotate Counter Clockwise”.

Photo should instantly rotate and re-save, ready for upload.

To rotate photos in Windows 10 and later
Follow steps for Windows 7 if the photo doesn’t look the right way up on your computer.

If the photo does look the right way up (or after you’ve completed the previous step) click the thumbnail of photo with right mouse button.

Go to “Open with>Paint”

Once opened in Paint, simply save the photo and close Paint.

This extra step is needed because when Windows 10 rotates photos it’s only rotating them for your own viewing, it’s not permanently changing the file, opening in Paint causes it to be changed permanently and ready for upload.

Your photos need to be cropped

If your photos are in the wrong ratio, or have parts on the sides which you do not want to include in the photo you may wish to crop them. Be careful when cropping photos as requires that photos are in a ratio of 4:3, for example 800 pixels high, by 400 pixels wide. To crop photos:

Go to

Click “Browse” and select the image from your computer

Once the image is selected and opened in Pixl, go to “Adjustment” (bottom left) then “Crop”

Choose the “4:3” option

Click “Apply” then click “Save” on the top left hand side to save the resized image to your computer.

Your photos are the wrong file type

Photos need to be in .JPG or .JPEG to be accepted by If you need help converting photos, just email them to us and we’ll convert them for you.

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