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Coronavirus and important changes that affect homeowners

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Many people are wondering, “Can real estate agents still work amid Covid-19?” The answer is a resounding, “YES!” In fact, our real estate office is still open.

During this challenging time, we want to reassure you we’re here to support you. This includes keeping you up to date about the best ways to navigate changes in the Australian real estate market due to the coronavirus outbreak.

New rules about open homes and inspections

Check out the latest state-by-state restriction updates for open homes and inspections here.

As an alternative to face-to-face viewings, has created a new feature called Digital Inspections. Simply film your property, highlighting its key features. Upload the video to YouTube, and pop the link into the ‘Video URL’ field on the Photos step of your listing.

Your queries about COVID-19, your obligations as a homeowner and what’s going to happen in the market

We’re closely monitoring both mandatory and recommended changes affecting the real estate industry. Keep an eye on our blog for up-to-the-minute announcements, tutorials, and analysis about Covid 19 and changes that may affect you. We’ve already put together two important articles addressing the most common enquiries we’ve received to date:

5 ways to adjust your property sales plan during COVID-19

How to manage open homes and private inspections during COVID-19

Is PropertyNow still open?

YES! Because we operate fully remote and online (and have for a decade), the services we provide to you are not impacted by Covid 19. We’re open for business and here to support you.

In fact, we’ve extended our support

As the situation is changing day by day (and sometimes hour by hour), we’re maintaining our extended hours 7 days a week and have increased our live chat availability to keep up with demand. 

Talk to us anytime via phone, email, live chat, or SMS about your listing, how Covid-19 might impact you, (or if you simply need a friendly chat).

What else are we doing to help?

During this uncertain period, we’re offering free pauses on all active listings in case you need to delay your sale. Keep your listing paused for up to 12 months and reactivate free of charge whenever you like.

Need a new listing upon reactivation? We’d be happy to arrange this for you at a significantly discounted rate.

Need to change your ‘For Sale’ listing to a ‘Rental’ listing? We’re offering 50% off your rental advertising fee. (To be eligible, you must have an active For Sale listing for the address you want to list).

Email us at to enquire about these offers.

We’re open to your ideas! If you have other ideas for how we can help you during this challenging time, send us an email

Thanks for continuing to support PropertyNow. Your loyalty is greatly appreciated.

Have questions or concerns?
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