8 “serious” Do’s and Don’ts when Selling over Christmas


Selling property over the Christmas period? Some serious words of advice

♬♬ “Let it sell, let it sell, let it sell…”

Just like us, the housing market tends to slow down and take a break over Christmas. You want to make sure you play your best game if you’re going to sell. There are mistakes to avoid, but also perks to take advantage of. For one, the spring silly season is winding down and those people who sold before they bought need to find a roof over their heads… pronto.

People tend to feel merrier and more generous at Christmas. Who knows? Maybe they’ll throw in a bonus for your home?

And, of course, the weather’s warming up, there’s a buzz in the air and work—well, who cares about work?

Only don’t be fooled into thinking mistakes can’t be made. Because it’s a stressful enough time what with presents, food and family arguments to prepare for. There’s no point adding to your misery unnecessarily.

So, if you’re selling around the Christmas period, take heed… we have some serious words of wisdom to share.

1. Too much glitter makes buyers bitter

We realise you’re excited about your tinsel. And maybe you’re one of those people who spend hours every year devising a light display that’s the envy of all your neighbours. But there’s no point advertising your home with more lights than a Las Vegas casino only to realise it’s not going to sell until after Christmas. Let’s face it, once Christmas is over your decorations will suddenly look a bit silly. So do yourself a favour and have your photos taken before you put them up.

While on the topic of decorations, if you insist on having a Christmas tree, it better be a good one. Nothing looks more depressing than some wonky tree with flimsy tinsel and a tacky set of flashing lights.

2. Hide the treasure

Yes, you’re proud of the presents you meticulously wrapped and oh so beautifully garnished with curly ribbon. But if your family intends to open them on Christmas day, you’d better remove them from under the tree. It’s amazing how quickly presents disappear when there are dozens of strangers tramping through your house.

3. It’s not love that’s in the air

No, it’s not usual for people to kiss you during viewings just because it’s Christmas – look up, you’re standing beneath the mistletoe. And if you put it there on purpose to take advantage of the Christmas spirit, we suggest selling your home isn’t the appropriate time to gain some extra affection. Buy a puppy or get some couples counseling.

4. “Tis the season to be jolly tra la la blah blah”

Carols, seriously? It’s bad enough having to endure them at the supermarket without then having to hear them at your open inspection. Just… no.

5. The only thing you want crackling is your sale price

There’s nothing like setting the mood with a crackling fire at Christmas. But here’s the thing. Take a look outside of your window – see any snow? We’re not living in the North Pole here and nobody wants a blazing hot fire when it’s 36 degrees outside.

Crank up the air con and hire an ice sculptor if you have to.

6. Children scare easily

While hiring Uncle Albert to dress up in a Santa suit may seem like a clever marketing ploy for viewings – it isn’t. It’s a little on the creepy side and kind of screams desperate.

Leave Uncle Albert in the nursing home where he can stay out of trouble. If you must, bring him and the Santa suit out on Christmas day for your own amusement.

7. Going… going… gone

Play It’s a wonderful life on the TV in the background during viewings. There’s nothing like a classic movie to bring people together. Before you know it, you’ll have all your interested buyers cosied up like family in the living room. When the film finishes, get them to put in their best offer. You have all your buyers in the same place at the same time – perfect scenario to create a bidding war!

8. Tis a time for giving

Take advantage of the Christmas spirit to help those in need by leaving out a collection bowl. Even better, drag some sorry-looking kids from the local orphanage and line them up next to your wonky tree. People should be made to feel guilty at Christmas.

9. And a time for brandy

Finally on the note of giving, offer keen buyers brandy – lots of it. Not only will your house look more appealing, you’ll be able to whack an extra hundred on the sale price, lock in their signature and they’ll be none the wiser.

In all honestly, please don’t take the above advice seriously. We just wanted to provide some Christmas fun J . If do intend to sell over the Christmas period – we’d love to help. Visit propertynow.com.au to find out why selling with us is so simple.

HOW ABOUT YOU? Have any wise advice for selling around Christmas time?

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