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8 property apps and resources to help sell your home

Selling your home online? Than you’ll want to know about these 8 online resources

These days, there are apps and resources for just about everything. And when it comes to property, the options are unlimited. Selling your own home has never been easier. So, check out these property apps and online resources to take advantage of the options available to you and make your selling process as simple and successful as possible.

Magic Plan

Magic Plan by Sensopia allows you to create a floor plan in just a few minutes for free. All you have to do is take a photo of each room in your home from corner to corner, fine tune a little and assemble all the rooms with your fingers. For under $10 for unlimited exports per plan (PDF, JPG, DXF, CSV and more), it’s not a bad price for what you get.

Box Brownie

Without hiring a professional, it’s not easy taking photos that enhance your home, giving it real selling power. Box Brownie makes the process that little bit simpler. Have your photos edited and retouched to a higher standard for just $2 per image. Other services include adding virtual furniture (in case you’ve had to move out prior to selling and your home’s looking a little naked) or the option to transform an exterior day shot into a dusk shot by altering the colour of the sky. Oh, and if you’re feeling ambivalent about writing your own property description, they also offer copywriting for a fairly reasonable price.

REA Group’s Pricing tool

One of the biggest hurdles for many of you when selling property online is setting an accurate sales price. Based on info provided by CoreLogic, now provide a price estimate for your property. Just type in your address and you’ll be able to access your home’s sales history and a price range based on similar properties in the area. The price ranges can be wide, so you’ll want to do some further investigation by following other sales in the area, but it’s a good place to start.


Don’t fancy yourself as an interior designer? Concerned your taste for decor might put potential buyers off? Houzz is filled with awesome photos, blogs and tips with ideas to make your home more attractive for sale. If you’re interested in hiring someone to help, they also have a directory of design, builder and landscape professionals to choose from. Customer reviews help you pick a quality service that matches your needs and requirements.

How Your House Works: A Homeowner’s Visual Guide to Home Repair and Maintenance

If your home need repairs or maintenance work before selling (and you’re not much of a handyman) this app could be useful. It explains the way your plumbing, electrical, appliances, heating and air conditioning are put together. This way, you can have a shot at repairs yourself or at least understand your repairman so it doesn’t sound as though he’s speaking in Double Dutch. For $2.99 US, the app provides easy-to-understand explanations and see-through drawings to show what appliances look like and the sequence in which they work. Although it’s a US app, much of the information is relevant to Australians.

Property Selling Cost Calculator

Calculate how much it will cost you to sell your home with Compare The Market’s selling calculator so you can be organised about how much you have for your next purchase. Compare what it costs to sell with an agent (1-3% commission) with how much you’ll save selling without – the results may surprise you.

Paint My Place

Walls looking a little drab? Perhaps your home needs reviving? The Paint My Place app is a free colour painter and editor. Upload a photo of any area of your home and the app allows you to see how it looks in a different paint colour. It’s a little easier and cheaper than having to nip to Bunnings for actual paint. Obviously not as accurate as seeing the finished results in real life, but the app provides a fun way to play around with different colours and see how they transform a particular room or space.


Of course the list wouldn’t be complete without an awesome, reliable property sales platform. And we honestly believe there isn’t a better option than PropertyNow. We’re one of the first For Sale By Owner platforms in Australia, our user-friendly enquiry system and website is unmatched in the industry and we can get your property listed on all the major real estate portals. Plus, we’re agent assisted which means you get all the support you need to sell your home online without the expensive agent commissions.

None of the above recommendations are sponsored and no payment has been exchanged. We only wanted to provide some useful resources to make the process of selling your home online as easy and fun as possible. Want more tips? Read some of our other posts .

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