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5 ways to adjust your property sales plan for Covid 19

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sales plan for Covid 19

The Coronavirus pandemic has grounded planes, closed down restaurants, and caused panic buying across the globe, but amid all of this, the world has to go on… we have investments we might need to cash in, homes we may need to sell.

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If you’re in the midst of selling, or you find yourself having to sell in the near future – how will Coronavirus impact your sale and what can you do to get the sale result you need? Here are our best tips for marketing your property during Covid 19.

1. Drop print advertising

If ever print advertising has become less relevant, it’s now. Real estate agents are noticing a reluctance from buyers to accept flyers because they fear they’re a contamination risk. People would prefer not to physically touch something if they don’t have to.

With 90% of buyers already searching for property online, you can very effectively reach them on the internet without risking their health.

At PropertyNow, we can steer you through the process of attracting buyers online to achieve a successful sale. Our competitive advertising sales package includes listings on, Domain, and 9 other real estate websites.

2. Privatise your sales process

While Covid 19 continues to spread, people are anxious to be around other people – especially strangers. As cases increase, we are going to become more isolated with group gatherings discouraged or, as we’re seeing, banned altogether via Australian government restrictions.

Alongside public anxiety, we have an obligation to use social distancing measures and other practices that minimise the spread of Covid 19. As sellers, you can do this in two ways:

  1. Use private inspections over open homes
  2. Adopt private sale instead of auction

These two approaches offer greater protection for both the buyer and seller. It also gives you greater control over who you see face-to-face, while offering a safer, more personalised sales experience to buyers.

3. Ease germ anxiety

These days it’s all about germs. You can ease home buyer anxiety about entering your home by letting them know you’re following the recommended cleaning protocols (decontaminating door handles and taps etc.) before and after viewings. And to protect not only buyers, but yourself and your family from incoming germs, have hand sanitiser (and masks if necessary) readily available at your front door.

Be sure also to follow recommended precautions.

  • Don’t shake hands or hug buyers
  • Keep two metres between you and other people
  • Make sure shared spaces have good airflow by opening windows
  • Limit the number of people in your home at any one time
  • Cover coughs/sneezes with a tissue, then throw the tissue away immediately and wash your hands

4. Tap into buyers in isolation

More and more people will be turning to the internet as they’re forced to self-isolate. So, why not tap into this market by offering FaceTime viewings of your house and social media updates about its comforts (especially appealing to buyers in isolation)?

Online entertainment is going to become more prevalent and you can provide relief from boredom and greater convenience by accommodating your buyers’ needs during isolation.

Now is also a great time to record a video walkthrough or virtual tour. has created a new free feature called Digital Inspections, so you can showcase your property to those who may prefer not to inspect in person. This feature will display your property video within the ‘Inspections’ section of your listing, allowing prospective buyers or renters to digitally inspect your home ahead of making a face-to-face appointment.

5. Use the Bricks and Mortar argument

Covid 19 has forced a volatile stock market. Unemployment rates are rising. Small business is struggling. And buyers tend to turn to the stability of property during economic uncertainty because it’s a more concrete alternative to shares.

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