4th bedroom or home office – which has more selling power?


There are 3 important things you need to consider…

You’ve decided to sell. Technically, you have a 3-bedroom home with a 4th room you’re undecided about. When it comes to selling power, should you transform it into a bedroom or a home office? Which will appeal more to buyers?

The answer depends on a number of things including your property, the room itself and the location you live in. Let’s explore this further.

Hip inner city or outer suburbs?

Firstly, understand the location you live in and what buyers are typically looking for. If you live in an area that’s popular with families, a 4 th bedroom might be a more popular selling feature. It’s less typical, on the other hand, for large families to live in the inner city – they tend to seek the space and affordability offered by the outer suburbs. The inner city attacts more corporate residents who are resigned to smaller properties and to utilising the space they have – here, the appeal of an office may be stronger.

Size, features and suitability

Take a look at the aspects of your 4th room – its location, features and size. Does it work comfortably as a bedroom or can a small child barely swing a toy in there? Is it located upstairs with the other bedrooms or downstairs where it may be better suited as a study? Are there any features screaming for it to be one or the other? Perhaps you have French doors overlooking your outdoor entertaining area, which may be perfect for a study but doesn’t allow much privacy for a bedroom. Or maybe it has spacious closets or a walk-in-robe ideal for a bedroom. Sometimes, it comes down to the room itself.

Flexibility, work and lifestyle

Thanks to modern technology and communication channels, workplaces are becoming more flexible. More and more people are working from home, so the demand for having a home office is increasing. If you have the space and your 4th room works well as a study, it could be an appealing feature in our ever-evolving society.

It all comes down to…

What works for one property might not be the case for another. You have to judge your home on its individual merits, the demands in your area and the type of buyers it will appeal to. Only then can you decide whether to make that 4th room a bedroom or a study.

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