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4 Ways PropertyNow is Changing the Australian Property Market for the Better


Making selling property privately affordable and accessible

The buy now, pay later method has exploded in Australia over the last 12 months with the two leading providers, ‘Zip-Pay’ and ‘After-Pay’ now being available in almost every store you walk into. We understand that owning a home doesn’t always mean money in the bank. We often speak with those suffering financial hardship that have to sell. We wanted to ensure our services are accessible for everyone, which is why we decided to introduce Zip Pay and Zip Money – an industry first for the Real Estate sector and agency assisted sales and leasing. You can get started now and pay off our small marketing fee from as little as $10 a week, instead of feeling like you need to go to a traditional agent and lose a large chunk out of your pocket when you do sell.

Taking the work out of booking inspections

Our private inspections feature allows interested parties to book an inspection with owners instantly via your Realestate.com.au listing. In addition to advertised open homes, our system enables owners to set the days and times they are available for prospective buyers or tenants to book a private inspection. Buyers and tenants will see a ‘Book Inspection’ button on an owner’s Realestate.com.au listing, allowing them to book into the most suitable timeslot easily. If owners haven’t entered any specific available times, buyers and tenants can use the button to request a private inspection booking. Owners are immediately notified of all bookings so that they can prepare for them or reschedule as needed. Not only does this feature allow interest parties to book in much more quickly; it also ensures owners capture their relevant contact information right away.

Making offers easy, transparent and straightforward

We’re always trying to make things easier for owners and for buyers, which is why we were very excited about launching our online offer system. Buyers are now able to submit an offer directly from an owner’s listing on PropertyNow.com.au or from our dedicated offer page. As soon as the buyer completes the online form, we’ll instantly email and SMS the owner the full details of their offer. We’ll also email the buyer confirmation of all the offer details. If the owner would like to accept the offer, they’ll have all the necessary information ready to go and will just need to phone their solicitor, conveyancer or settlement agent to proceed. Easy!

Putting owners needs front and centre

The most significant part of our business is customer service. We’re a small family owned and operated company passionate about helping Aussie’s see property sales and leasing in a whole new light. We want owners to take their power back, keep the money that they deserve and know that they can absolutely do this themselves with just a little bit of help and guidance. Because we aren’t claiming commission and we only charge a small marketing fee, we don’t have an agenda with regards to an owner’s sale. This means we’re able to provide honest advice and that we absolutely and genuinely want what is best for the owner. The excellent service we offer and the care we have for our clients is reflected both in our reviews and in our continued striving for an even better way of doing this. We hope you’ll join us in changing things for the better.

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