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5 Photography Home-Staging Tips To Help Sell Your Home

One of the keys to setting your home apart from others on the property market in this digital age, is beautiful, crisp and clean photography, that ensures your property looks bright, vibrant and attractive for buyers searching online. Here are a few simple home-staging photography planning tips...

When it comes to home staging, it’s possible to go too far and put buyers off. If you want a successful sale, stick to the things that work.      

Napkins stuffed in wine glasses, rose petals in the bath tub, cookies baking in the oven... They seem like nice touches for your open inspection, but clichés like these can appear tacky, overkill, potentially turning buyers away. 

Buyers today expect a high level of presentation when viewing houses, but if every room is staged like some cheesy magazine spread, it can appear ‘salesy’ as though you’re trying to pull the wool over their eyes. Clearly, you don’t want to present your home in its complete natural state (with clothes strewn across the floor and a kitchen sink full of dirty dishes...), but there’s a skill to successful home staging that requires taste and subtlety. So, what basic home staging tips do sell a home?

 1. Space

If you’re serious about selling your home, all those cat figurines, frilly pink cushions and eclectic book collections need to go. While such things might have sentimental value and appeal to you, they’re not everyone’s taste. You want to try and appeal to the broader audience, and that means de-cluttering and creating a sense of space and harmony (you can save your clutter for your new home ).

2. Cohesion

Home Staging Consultant, Wendy Brown, from Hillside Interior Design advises, “There are many different types of homes from modern contemporary to traditional. You need to choose a style that complements your home and ensure it flows through every room. Cohesion is so important when it comes to home staging."

3. Style

These days, style sells. Some people have it naturally, others need a little guidance. It’s about adding touches that take a room to the next level making it look more expensive than it is. It’s the combination of colours, patterns, fabrics and accessories that pull together to create an overall effect. Houzz offers some great tips and advice on how to achieve style in your home. 

4. Engagement  

Co-founder of Shift Property Styling, Adam Luttrell, says, “You want to show buyers how they can engage with each room. So, if a lounge room has an attractive fireplace or view, your sofas and chairs should face that feature to make the most of it. I’m often amazed how many times buyers try out the bed because they want to see how a bedroom will feel when they wake each morning. They judge a house on how they engage with it. If it feels awkward, they’ll be put off."

Never underestimate your buyers…

The truth is, buyers today are more sophisticated than ever. They won’t be blinded by tacky home staging techniques. So get rid of the clichés and stick to the things that work.  

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