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selling your home

When it’s time to sell, you want to maximise your property’s sale potential and the one thing that puts buyers off is a long list of items they’ll need to fix if they buy your home.
Due to timing or budget constraints, it’s not always possible to fix everything, so here are 3 things you should prioritise to keep buyers in your favour.

1. Street Appeal

 If your home looks run down from the outside, buyers are likely to assume the inside isn’t much better. If you want to impress them, your home needs to present well from the street as well as inside. Small changes can make the biggest difference.

  • A fresh lick of paint to your front door (and façade if necessary)
  • Repairing tired or rusting roofs
  • Fixing fences
  • Installing a new garage door
  • Having a weed-free, landscaped front yard 

2. Building Inspection Red Flags

These days, buyers often expect to see a building inspection report for your home before they’re willing to put in an offer. They may even want to have their own independent inspection done. If there are major issues to report, or even minor issues, buyers can use these as a negotiation tool to get your sale price down.
Sometimes, it pays to get as many of these issues fixed as possible prior to selling. This way, you can collect repair quotes and be in control of keeping costs down. Often the biggest deal breakers for buyers relate to structural issues, pest or termite infestations and deterioration in building elements such as roofing or rendering.

3. Walls and Floors

Cracked, grimy paintwork and stained carpets aren’t exactly appealing to buyers. It’s relatively cheap and easy to fix holes and cracks in your walls and apply a fresh coat of paint, yet the difference can be quite remarkable. And if you can’t afford new carpets, a deep steam clean will lift away a good part of the dirt and grime while also deodorising your carpets.

Fix Sell Pay Makeovers

If budget isn’t a problem, you might want to consider a property makeover to modernise its look and appeal. What you choose to renovate depends on your budget and your property’s needs. Although expensive, kitchen and bathroom makeovers can end up being an investment because they lift the value of your home. Other changes include landscaping, rendering, furniture hire, and installing new flooring, carpet or cabinetry.
You can project manage these renovations yourself or use a real estate makeover service such as Fix Sell Pay. The convenient thing about Fix Sell Pay is they have a renovate first, pay later facility allowing you to pay for the cost of renovations and services at settlement.  

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