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At PropertyNow, we believe in simple, transparent pricing. You don't have to call us for a price, you don't have to supply your details, and you don't have to wade through pages of information trying to figure out what everything will cost. Our core service has just one set fee and this includes everything you need to sell or lease your property.

If you'd like extra addons that aren't in our core service, you only pay for what you want. We offer additional services as a courtesy to our clients. We will never push a useless purchase and are happy to advise clients on what's beneficial specifically to them and what's simply a waste of their money.

The addons we offer are all completely optional. You can purchase them today, throughout your marketing,
or not at all. There's no pressure.

Professional Services

Property Photography $300 for up to 12 images
Professional Copywriting $100
Professional 2D Colour Floorplan $80
Buyer Negotiations by our Experts $500

Extra Exposure

Social Media Advertising Campaign


Translated listing on Chinese buyer websites $430 for 90 days
Translated listing on Juwai $150
Listing on ACT and surrounds sale: $1495
Other area sale: $85
ACT and surrounds rent: $299
Other area rent: $45

Enquiry Handing

Instant SMS alerts of all enquiries in real-time $20
Automatic SMS response to buyers/tenants $20
Direct connection of enquiry phone calls $80
Full enquiry system upgrade: call connect plus all SMS $100

Tools and Resources

50 Glossy Double Sided Flyers $90
Weekly listing performance/engagement reports $10
Trust Account $110
SOLD! Get More For Your Home Book $20


Professional For Sale/Lease Sign $65
Custom PhotoSigns 1.2 x 0.9m unframed: $199
1.8 x 1.2m unframed: $250
Open House Triangular Arrow Board $50 per board
Eraseable Open for Inspection sign + stake $50 per sign/stake

Rental Tools and Resources

2x National Tenancy Database, court judgment and bankruptcy checks $35
2x TICA Tenancy Database blacklist checks $50
2x checks on both TICA and National Tenancy Databases plus court judgements and bankruptcy $70
1x Police Background Check $60
Rental Value and Market Report $10
Tenant References Check and Summary $50

Listing Upgrades

Featured Property on Price Varies depending on suburb
Highlight Property on Price Varies depending on suburb
Premiere Property on Price Varies depending on suburb
Listing upgrades on Price Varies depending on suburb