About Us

When you make a decision to use the services of PropertyNow you are making a very sound decision.

PropertyNow was formed in 2004 and at the time of writing we have marketed to a successful sale, hundreds of properties throughout Australia.

PropertyNow invented Australia's first formalised sales system that was a hybrid of real estate agent sales and private sales. We even coined the term agent assisted sales as a description of our zero commission sales system.

PropertyNow fought extremely long and hard to help and then to strongly defend the rights of all Australian property sellers to have choice when selling their own home or investment property.

Not only have we been crucial in  helping our clients to sell close to 1500 properties for a combined savings in commissions of over $2,000,000,  but at the same time we are also proud supporters of Australian real estate agents. 

Our site promotes both Private Sale, Agent Assisted Sales and Real estate agent listings in every state of Australia.

PropertyNow is one of Australia's highest ranked real estate websites and is preparing for international expansion as well as forays into the world of property investing and home loans.

As an independent website we promote real estate sales and the marketing of a variety of non standard property and investment services as well.

PropertyNow is both a real estate agency and a real estate portal.

We invite private sellers to utilise our services and also encourage and welcome real estate agents.... who may list all their for sale or rental properties on the PropertyNow site free of charge.

The Director and Licensee of PropertyNow is Andrew Blachut.

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