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    The #1 agent assisted private sale service since 2004

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    The #1 agent assisted private sale service since 2004

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    The #1 agent assisted private sale service since 2004

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    The #1 agent assisted private sale service since 2004

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    You can pay whichever way suits you. If you have trouble paying, or with any part of listing we can walk you through it and even do parts for you.

    The #1 agent assisted private sale service since 2004

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Agents are taking $20,000 out of your pocket just to open a door!

Don’t pay for your real estate agent’s new Lexus! You're not a charity! Sell your own home with no commission on realestate.com.au today!

Not only are agent's hugely overpriced, they don't know the property (or care about it) anywhere near as much as you do - so why not sell it yourself?

If you're nervous about going it alone - don't be! PropertyNow is the Uber of real estate and we’re also a fully licensed no commission real estate agency, we'll guide you every step of the way, for as long as it takes you to sell!

Our amazing system is the newer, better way to sell and allows you to list on realestate.com.au and others with absolutely zero commission.


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Does it work? What do I get?

In the past, the biggest barriers to private selling and renting were a lack of exposure, lack of advice, and lack of tools. Since we invented "agent assisted private sales" back in 2004, we've solved these problems and have helped thousands of people sell and rent their homes without paying a single dollar in commission. We can help you rent o rsell your own home privately with our for sale by owner services. our service includes:

  • Exposure on 7+ major websites like realestate.com.au and Domain.
  • Professional For Sale sign delivered to your door.
  • Qualified advice and guidance via phone, email, and SMS.
  • Flat fee. From just $499 for sales or $155 for rentals.
  • No time limits or ongoing fees.
  • You retain all the control. Edit your ad anytime.
  • All enquiries go straight to you.
  • Realestate form in online application for rentals.
  • Optional Open Home signs.

What's wrong with listing with another company?

Did you know that all our competitors force your buyers to email only? Yes even the one's that say otherwise (test them!) That's just not good enough! Don't risk losing buyers or tenants when they can't contact you. With PropertyNow you'll get:

  • Dedicated 1300 number for buyers/tenants
  • Unlimited lines - no busy signal
  • Calls get your details in 15 seconds - day or night!
  • Instant forwarding of email enquiries
  • Instant response to email enquiries providing your details
  • SMS notifications of all phone and email enquiries *optional

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  • Peter sold in a depressed market whilst interstate!
  • These private sellers had a VERY successful auction
  • John sold his first house in just 2 weeks - now he's doing it again

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Note: All websites shown are included in our core service fee excepting Domain.com.au and AllHomes which are optional extras. Some websites only apply to certain property types. Rent.com.au in only for rentals. Realcommercial.com.au is only for commercial properties. MillionPlus.com.au is only for properties priced above $1M.