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We often get calls from people asking us why they should sell and list with us instead of listing with a traditional agent, or one of our competitors, so here are the key reasons to consider when looking to sell your house with no commission attached. You can hear about this in the video below, or otherwise scroll further down to read it instead.

As a leading provider of no commission house sales, we often here the following questions and statements:

I am looking to sell my property but I’m sick of hidden costs and ongoing fees associated with real estate agents.

We have simple, clear pricing: no ongoing fees, no hidden costs, and no commission

Traditional real estate agents charge thousands to sell your house and will take commission, so listing with property with us clearly represents a huge saving. Additionally, many of our competitors have hidden or unclear pricing. For example, one of our competitors advertises a price to sell your house on, but this price only applies after you've already purchased their core service. Another competitor advertises a low price, but doesn't clearly explain that this only includes advertising on their own website, not on the major real estate websites. Yet another competitor in house sales charges $50 for every change you make to your listing! When comparing prices for no commission house sales, make sure you have clear information and are comparing apples to apples – we're sure you'll be more than satisfied with our price.


I want to sell my house but have a strict budget.

We have the cheapest listing upgrades available in Australia and, best of all, this allows you to sell your property with no commission taken from your sale.

Did you know charge agents different amounts for listing, and listing upgrades? As PropertyNow has multiple accounts with and lists a large volume of properties, we're able to offer you the best price you'll find on for the ‘Featured Property’,’ Highlight Property’, and ‘Premiere Property’ upgrades .


I want to find a business who will offer me complete support when I sell my property.

PropertyNow has no commission staff members in a number of locations around Australia, with someone always online to answer your emails, text messages, and phone calls. You'll always speak to a real person in Australia, and we'll never send your calls to an answering service. Many of our house sales competitors offer what is largely a "set and forget" service, meaning they're available when you want to list with them, but don't offer ongoing support until your property is sold. Some of our no commission house sales competitors sell your property but limit your support to a certain number of hours, or a certain timeframe. With us, you can get in touch with us as often as you need, for as long as you need.

Our no commission house sales staff are available for extended hours, seven days a week (we're only closed on Christmas Day). You can reach us via live chat, SMS, phone call, or email.


I want to be able to make changes to my listings when I sell my property.

This may be hard to believe, but some of our competitors manually apply updates for you, each time you update your listing. Best case scenario this means a delay of a few hours, worst case scenario, and the delay could be days. We send all your updates to all the websites we list on instantly and automatically. This means you can get your listing updated a 3AM if you want to – you're not relying on us being awake! We also then manually check listings on the big sites to ensure that everything has gone over smoothly. If there's a problem, we'll manually correct it and re-send your listing update straight away.


I’m not sure how to manage my enquiries.

There's nothing more important than your enquiries from buyers/potential tenants. This is your bridge to a sale or lease! Unfortunately, enquiry handling is often a problem with both traditional real estate agents and even with some of our competitors who may also offer no commission house sales.

Traditional real estate agents don’t always offer no commission services and may be slow to respond to enquiries on your property, or even worse, may redirect enquiries on your property to something they can sell more easily or get more commission for.

Shockingly, some of our competitors won't accept phone enquiries on your property. Instead, buyers who phone them will get a recording advising them to email instead. Try and imagine you're a reasonably interested buyer who phones about a property. You listen to a long spiel about private selling with their company and then get an abrupt message telling you that you need to send an email instead. 

You don't want to send an email, you called to speak to a real person. You don't have any other choice, however. If you're not that interested, you may just drop it there. If you are still interested, you make a note to send an email next time you're on your computer. If things go badly, an owner or real estate agent for another property you were interested in might phone you back during that time. They book an inspection with you straight away. You look at that property instead. This is obviously a worst case scenario, but does highlight the problem. If someone is enquiring via phone, there's a good chance they're doing it because they don't like email, or perhaps don't even have access to it. When you are looking to sell your property, you want to make it easy for your buyers to reach you, not difficult!

With this in mind, we've setup a 24/7 phone system with a 1300 number. Buyers simply call it, enter in a 4 digit code that's unique to your property, and are then immediately given your details so you can sell your property easily. For email enquiries, we'll forward these on to you (instantly and automatically), and can also SMS you the details. This makes our no commission house sales service one with an unmatched edge.

In a perfect world, buyers and potential tenants would always use the established methods to make contact. Of course, we don't live in a perfect world. Sometimes buyers won't phone our enquiry line but will phone our client support or pre-sales numbers without an enquiry code, email directly rather than using the forms on and the other websites, or they'll SMS us. We maintain an online stocklist with all your details on it when you sell your house with our team, so that all of our staff members can instantly put buyers in touch with you – whatever way they enquire.


I am looking for a long term, licensed, no commission house sales business to sell my house.

Our principal for no commission house sales has been in real estate over 20 years. PropertyNow itself has been in operation around a decade, and all our fulltime staff have been involved in the business since the beginning. Many of our competitors, and indeed some real estate agents, have only been in the game a year or two. Some don't even have their own accounts and use third parties to access Even worse, one of our competitors only operates the agent-assisted aspect of his business to sell your house, in order to generate leads for his other business. With our no commission house sales solutions, we guarantee that you're our number one priority, and that we have the experience to help you do this right.

Our being in business so long, and having our own accounts means that you don't have to worry about our website suddenly disappearing, or terminating our account when you’re trying to sell your house. Because we're fully licensed, you know that when you phone us for advice to sell your property, you'll speak to someone who knows what they're talking about, rather than just somebody who knows how to setup a website.


If I choose to sell my house with PropertyNow, will my listing be protected?

Did you know that has a lengthy acceptable use policy for house sales and listings? Listings that don't comply with this policy can be suspended or completely deleted. We have real people checking every single listing update you make (but not delaying it) to ensure it complies with each aspect of this policy. When there's a problem, we'll instantly correct it to protect your listing, and then we'll get in touch with you about it. Where's policy is unclear or you want to dispute it, we'll speak to them directly to work things out.


I’m looking for a no commission house sales provider that is honest and transparent.

Our no commission house sales service is described in detail on this website. Whenever something is unclear, we're happy to clarify it for you either over the phone or in writing (if you prefer). We'll always abide by everything we've published or put in writing.

With all of the above factors at the forefront of our business, we’re able to confidently guarantee our clients the following:


We have proven results

We have marketed thousands of properties to a successful sale or lease (with no commission), but we don't want you to take our word for it. We update the testimonials from our clients every few days. A number of our clients have also been kind enough to record videos or audio files talking about their experience. If that weren't enough, we have reviews from users on our Facebook, Google+ and Amazon book pages. 

Since last year, we've also been publishing our successful no commission house sales listings to our two accounts (you can't get much better proof than that!). At the time of writing, we have well over 500 properties marked as ‘sold’ on 

View SOLD properties on our first account

View SOLD properties on our second account

We are committed to you, and to what we do

When tried to block agents from marketing private sales, we took them to the ACCC and fought for your right to be on When a number of scammers started trying to list fake properties with all the agent-assisted companies, we instituted new policies to stop this straight away, and alerted both and our competitors of the danger.

Furthermore, our principal Andrew Blachut has also written a detailed book covering everything relevant on how to sell your house, without enduring hefty commission cuts. The book is available for purchase on Amazon, or by ordering through your local bookshop and actually made bestseller status on the Amazon Kindle Australia store.

We're also consistently investing in our no commission house sales service to bring you new features. As an example, we were the very first company to offer a 24/7 automated phone service. In fact, we're still the ONLY no commission house sales company offering this. Why wait for new features to be available when you can list with an industry leader and get them first?

Finally, we're truly dedicated to our clients. What does this really mean? It means that when a sign is ordered at 9PM, we put in the consignment request with our courier immediately so it can be shipped the next day, even though we've technically "knocked off." It means that when we find you inconvenienced or disadvantaged through no fault of your own, we offer discounts or bonuses. It means if you have a problem with our system (or a third party provider we work with, such as we'll work on it personally, even if it takes up half the day, or costs us money. It means that when you ask for express post on a shippable item, we make it immediately and take it to the local PO ourselves straight away so that it will get to you as fast as possible. It means we'll often answer your call before we've had breakfast. It means we treat every single client looking to sell a property as a VIP.


We're a "one stop shop" for selling your property

We've spent years building and customising our service so that we offer everything you could ever need to lease or sell your property. If there's something you require that we aren't offering, just tell us and we'll look into making it happen. We're of the belief that there's enough to think about when selling and leasing your property, without having to liaise with a multitude of different companies. Let us do the legwork for you so you can focus on the important stuff.


We don't have a vested interest

This one mainly applies to traditional real estate agents. Because our no commission house sales service operates on a flat, upfront fee, you know you can always trust us for honest advice. We won't tell you your property is worth more so that we can get a larger commission. We won't tell you your property is worth less so that we can make a quick sale. We won't tell you open houses are pointless because we don't want the extra work. More than that, we will tell you if your photos or descriptions for your property are terrible. We will offer you honest, practical advice whenever you want it.


We've been highly praised

PropertyNow has been discussed on TV and radio, in newspapers and magazines, and has been talked about all over the internet! Check out our ‘Media’ page to see coverage of us in Financial Review, Business Review Weekly, ABC Radio, Business2 and others.


We aren't a "brick and mortar" business

This one might sound odd but what it means is that we operate as a virtual office. Our property experts and support staff don't have to drive to a single office location, they simply "sign on". Once signed on, they can access all the administrative functions of our business, and respond to any queries you have. What does this mean for you?


Firstly, very extended "office" hours. Often we'll be available long before and after our advertised trading hours.


Secondly, lower fees, as we have very low overheads.


Thirdly, greater reliability. Our system isn't tied to just one person, one computer, or even one phone.