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Aussie's now spend, on average, 12.5 hours a week on Facebook - get the jump on competing properties by tapping into this pool of potential buyers and maximising your exposure. We'll create a dedicated ad for your property on Facebook and target it specifically to relevant potential purchasers in your local area. Ads will include your property description, one image, price and beds/baths/cars available if applicable.

Ads are generally targeted to:

People who live in your property’s suburb and the surrounding 17 km as the nearer people are the more likely they are to buy.
Both genders
A 24-60-year age range (depending on the average ages of buyers in your area)
Priority is given to showing the ad to anyone who has been searching for or look at
nearby property on realestate.com.au or Facebook
People just visiting the area are excluded from seeing the ad at all 

Below are some photo samples of our social advertisements:

The ad is generally set for a two-week run but will continue beyond that if not enough clicks are gained, or less then if they are gainer quicker.
Changes may be made to targeting if needed, please speak to our friendly staff members.