Full enquiry system upgrade: call connect plus all SMS

If you're serious about never missing an enquiry, and want to deliver a seamless experience for your potential buyers and tenants; you'll want our full enquiry system upgrade.

Direct connection of enquiry phone calls to you when a caller phones our 1300 number and enters your 4 digit property code Instant SMS alerts of all enquiries in realtime (whether by phone or email). The instant SMS (combined with your standard email notification) will give you warning as you pick up a connected call

Tenant References Check and Summarya

Besides tenancy database checks, the most critical action to take when screening your applicants is a reference check. Uncomfortable, time-poor or lacking experience in this area? Let us do the dirty work! We'll contact your potential tenant's current and previous property manager or landlord, current employer, and personal references. We'll then provide you with a summary of the results including:
- How your applicant has been as a tenant in the past - If rent was paid on time

Rental Value and Market Report

Understanding the market is important to get your price right from the start. Upon request, you will receive reports containing median rental pricing trends in your area, rental prices of similar properties, comparable leased and available rentals, average days on market, level of availability in your suburb and more.
This information is useful when leasing or when providing rental potential information during a sale.

1x Police Background Check

Minimise your tenant risk with a police background check through TICA and National Crime Check. Police background checks will reveal any additional criminal history that would not be listed on Tenancy Databases/blacklists. Police background checks are generally completed in 1-2 business days but may take a little longer depending on tenant response times..

SOLD! Get More For Your Home Book

This comprehensive guide is a road map on how to go about selling your property in Australia while paying ZERO commission. This book was written by our licensee, Andrew Blachut, and featured as an amazon best seller for a short period of time.

50 Glossy Double Sided Flyers

Stand out from the crowd with a 50 pack of our gorgeous, double-sided A5 flyers; printed in full colour on silky paper.

Our graphic design team will do all the work for you, designing your flyer based on your unique property information/images. The flyers will include all your property's key details along with a photo and most importantly, your contact information!

Flyers will include:

Full enquiry system package! x2 SMS + direct connection

This package is for those serious about their enquiry, and serious about getting sold/leased.

Our full enquiry system package includes - SMS to the owner upon enquiry - SMS to enquirers - The new direct connect system

When purchased in a pack there is a saving of $20 (valued at $120 purchased separately.) See a breakdown of each service below.

SMS Alerts:

Direct connection of enquiry phone calls

Introducing our brand new, industry-first, direct call connection.

Concerned about callers not reaching you right away? Worried some callers might take down your number incorrectly or give up in frustration? This service allows callers to be instantly connected directly to you when they call our 1300 number and enter your 4-digit property code.

This add-on is great for those who

Automatic SMS response to buyers/tenants

When phoning, a buyer may not have a pen handy, may take down your number incorrectly or may even get disconnected. Make your buyer's enquiry smooth and easy by automatically sending them an SMS with your details as soon as they enter your property code. This will ensure that any potential buyer/tenants have access to your correct, straight to their phone.

This is one of our best-selling addons.

Instant SMS alerts of all enquiries in real-time

Never miss an enquiry with our specially designed, instant SMS alert service. For every enquiry you receive (whether by phone or email) we will automatically send you an SMS right away, containing the key details of the enquirer.

This is a great addon for those that: - Want to ensure they’re reaching every potential buyer/tenant within a quick timeframe. - Prefer not to check their email as often

Extend Your Reach with a Facebook Ad

With 16 million Aussies now using Facebook, why not extend your reach and get your property in front of this incredibly active community?

Facebook is visual, interactive and viral. Get people talking about your property and communicate with buyers directly to generate even greater interest.

We can help. For a flat fee of just $150 + GST, we will set up your ad and have it running as part of your campaign.

Buyer Negotiations by Our Experts

Does negotiation scare you or make you uncomfortable? Are you concerned your skills or inexperience could result in a lower sale price? Put your mind to rest; we're here to help.

Our expert negotiators can give you the upper hand when dealing with buyers, helping you to achieve the best possible outcome.

Our negotiators are experienced, licensed agents. They have been handling negotiations for many

Professional 2D Colour Floorplan

The properties with a floorplan average 30% more interest than those without one. Allow buyers to visualise your property's layout and picture how it could work for them and their furniture with our full-colour floor-plan service.

It’s common for a potential buyer to request a floorplan from a seller, so it’s great to have one ready should this occur. Whether you need a floorplan before your listing goes live or halfway through marketing, our graphic designer has got you covered. Our graphicoften

Professional Copywriting

Having a great property description is essential when it comes to attracting the right buyers. If you’re unsure about writing your description, leave it up to us. We have a professional copywriter on staff who will write up an excellent description for your property, along with a suggested heading.

Using this service, you ensure that your property description is:

- Spellchecked - Grammatically correct - Professional

Tenant Checks for Landlords on TICA and NTD

One of the biggest worries when leasing a property yourself is securing a reliable tenant who will take care of the property. Don't leave this to chance! We can do a thorough tenant check for you including checking the tenant against not just the National Tenancy Database but also TICA, depending on your purchase.

The checks under the two databases include:


- Identity: so that you know they

Trust Account

Why do private sellers need a Trust Account? Simply because there must be somewhere for your buyer to place a deposit when they buy your property. Buyers are just fine with buying privately from you but will certainly have a problem giving you the deposit directly. There needs to be a third party to accommodate that.

Not all solicitors or conveyancers have a Trust account. If your conveyancer or solicitor of choice does, then you can have the buyer place the deposit with that company, but if not then we can

Professional Photography

When looking at purchasing any add-ons, this is our most popular and the one we often recommend. When buyers are searching, your main image is the first thing that will be seen in search results, along with your headline.

Great looking photos are critical to getting buyers to click through for more information on your property. According to Realestate.com.au, buyers are 60% more likely to view a listing that has professional photography. Whilst you're more than welcome to do your own photography - if you don't know

Peformance Reports

It's extremely important to know how buyers are engaging with your listing. This helps put you in a position of power during negotiations, or helps you diagnose what's going wrong if you're not getting many enquiries. It also assures you that we're not missing any of your valuable enquiries! These reports are specifically on your listings interaction on Realestate.com.au (Australia's largest Realestate website) and your most important to focus on.

Reports are emailed every week

Professional Property Videos

Property videos create a professional and lasting impression, helping you stand out from the crowd. This is something that's becoming increasingly important in a competitive market.

Whilst some people may not fully read your carefully worded description, they'll happily sit and watch a video, they might even share it with their friends. What's more, a professional video can create an emotional response in the buyer in the way a static list of features just can't.

Property Report

A detailed property report is a great tool to help you decide on the price for your property, it can also really help to justify the price you've chosen when dealing with buyers.

The great thing about using a property report to help determine your price is that there's no bias or ulterior motive involved in the price provided to you. When you rely on a price provided by a real estate agent trying to secure your listing, you're introducing bias. The real estate agent may tell you what they believe you want to hear (that your property is worth more than it


Whilst we include a standard listing on realestate.com.au with our core service, we can also provide access to any upgrade option that realestate.com.au offers.