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Our Story

Birth of a new way of selling real estate Australia wide

PropertyNow was born when our principal, Andrew Blachut became frustrated with the state of the real estate industry after working in it for many years. With the advent of the internet, Andrew had grown increasingly uncomfortable with the huge commissions agents were charging the public, and so he developed a new way of selling your house called "Agent Assisted Sales." This new way empowered the public and saved them thousands, whilst also providing the advice and marketing support of a licensed real estate agent.

Small beginnings

When PropertyNow first began, it was very much operating on a shoe-string budget. For many years we had zero marketing budget, and simply grew through referrals from our clients. As a small, family-based business, our accounting, website design, client support, and everything in between were all handled "in house" with everything being done manually. It wasn't easy, but we believed in what we were doing. Before long we were helping people sell real estate Australia wide.

The battle for change

As our way of selling your house began to become more and more popular, we faced opposition from agents still operating traditionally, as well as the real estate giant, There were attempts to block this way of selling, or at least make it more difficult. A few of the trials we've been through include: threatening to close our accounts (we lodged a case about this with the ACCC and prevailed) attempting to charge us greatly inflated rates due to our business model (we refused the changes on principal)

Nasty real estate agents harassing our clients to try and take our listings.

An unknown person attacking our Google ranking by using negative SEO against us (leading to a temporary penalty from Google that we're still recovering from)

Resentful real estate agents reporting us and our listings to (we maintain strict standards so that they never have a leg to stand on)

Competitors using our business name in their search engine marketing to target our clients

The way of the future

Despite the trials we've had to overcome, PropertyNow continues to grow and improve real estate Australia wide thanks to the support of our amazing clients. Over the last few years we've committed to further revolutionising the process (such as through our 24/7 automated phone enquiry system) and will continue to do so.  In 2017, we completely overhauled our website and enquiry systems to deliver ease and functionality to our customers that is unmatched anywhere else in the industry. We look forward to seeing what 2018 will bring. Watch this space!