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Sell or Lease your home with an agent, while still paying zero commission!

In the past, the biggest barriers to private selling and renting were a lack of exposure, lack of advice, and lack of tools. Since we invented "agent assisted private sales" back in 2004, we've solved these problems and have helped thousands of people sell and rent their homes without paying a single dollar in commission.

With our service you'll receive a listing on and a state of the art, world class enquiry system in addition to help with setting the property price, booking photography, signage, open homes, auctions, and expert real estate advice from a licensed agent anytime. And remember, our service is until sold/leased, there are no time limits and no more to pay - ever!


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How does it work?

In what we call agent assisted private sales, you create and manage your property listing, and deal directly with buyers. Our role is to export your property to major real estate websites, to forward buyer enquiries directly to you, to make sure everything runs smoothly, and to provide help and support whenever you need it. Once you have an offer you're happy to accept, a licensed solicitor, conveyancer, or settlement agent handles all the paperwork - it's that simple! Because you're taking on some of the tasks an agent would normally perform, you pay no commission whatsoever!

The initial steps you need to think about are pricing your property (we can provide a free value estimate), writing a description and taking photos (or arranging photography). Once you've done these and submitted your listing, we'll carefully check it, correcting any errors and will then export it to all the major websites along with sending you a professional sale sign. From there, our fully automated enquiry systems will automatically forward all buyer enquiries to you instantly, whilst also storing them in your account for future reference. If you need any help at any point, whether it be simple technical support or urgent real estate advice, you can speak to us via phone, email, SMS or livechat. We're available 7 days and place no limits on how much help you can access. 

How can I get started?

To get started all you have to do is start entering your property details into our website by clicking "List your property now" below. You can test out our whole system and preview your listing before deciding if you would like to proceed with making payment. Your listing saves at every step so you can work on it over time if you need to. If you change your mind at any point, there's no obligation to continue. When you're ready for your listing to go online, you can make payment securely using credit/debit card, PayPal, or internet banking. Don't forget to use the promo code TODAY EXTRA on your for sale listings or promo code TODAY RENTAL for your rental listings at the final step of creating your listing for a special bonus!

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What's included?

  • Exposure on 8+ major websites like and Domain.
  • Professional For Sale sign delivered to your door.
  • Qualified advice and guidance via phone, email, and SMS.
  • Flat fee. From just $694 for sales or $175 for rentals.
  • No time limits or ongoing fees.
  • You retain all the control. Edit your ad anytime.
  • Updates automatically exported to all websites you're listed on.
  • All enquiries go straight to you.
  • Most advanced enquiry system in the industry.
  • No artificial limits on text or number of photos
  • Printable Brochures
  • Online tenancy application for rentals.
  • Optional tenant history checks.

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What do our customers think of PropertyNow?

Yvonne sold privately at the age of 72. Whatever your age, you can too!

Barbara and her friend both sold on the first day their properties were listed

David and Sophie have used PropertyNow successfully many times


Lisa Ambler

Sold on 10th April 2017

I highly recommend Property Now for selling your own home.Property Now made the process very easy and were most helpful when I had questions. Their email communication about inquiries was incredibly timely. I will definitely use Property Now when we want to sell our home in the future. P.S. and of course the best part is the amazing savings we made on commission.View listing


Daniel Morton

Leased on 5th April 2017

PropertyNow made advertising for our rental property straight forward and professional looking. We really appreciated how easy if was to keep track of all the property enquiries, manage all rental ads and process property applications. We will definitely use them again for future property self-management.


Paul Sutton

Sold on 5th April 2017

I tried the local agent had maybe 3 potential buyers over 4 months, I decided to wait and use PropertyNow. A year later, I had buyers coming left right and centre, I sold it to the second person within 2 weeks of listing it for $280,000! If you're thinking about selling yourself I recommend PropertyNow, they are very fast and have excellent advice and their website is very easy to use! View listing