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Another great experience with Property Now

Thank you sooo much for this incredible opportunity to advertise our apartment on multiple online platforms. It was sleek, professional and reliable. We had daily enquirers that were recorded as messages, phone numbers - easy follow up leads. I'll recommend Property Now to my family and friends. Kind regards, Eniko

It is an easy way to advertise property for rental.

The whole leasing process was very easy with PropertyNow. I would definitely use the service again!

Thanks PropertyNow for always sticking by me!

Fantastic Service, Thank you.

We have successfully utilised the services of Property Now to lease 2 very different properties in a reasonable time frame this year. Which in a depressed real estate market, is an indication that it does work and is reaching the right market for the right property.

WA Sold 6/8/2016 one week after home open Highly Recommend Property Now easy to use cost effective - Chris

Successfully sold my property through your service. Everything was so smooth and professional.

Great experience. I highly recommend using property now

This is the second home sold through Property Now and I wouldn't do it any other way, or with anybody else. Excellent as expected and delivered. Thanks Property Now Team....

wonderfull experience, one thing i want to share that Agents can not do better than you. Because you are the one who is going to do all the cleaning and timing consuming work. Agent will stand there for half hour and take all the credit.

Great organization definitely recommend this model for selling property

Easy to use but property leased through different channel on 1st day.

Super easy to list and adjust the listing at any time without being charged extra. Highly recommend and will use again in the future if the need arises.

Fantastic - very reasonably priced and it got my ad on all the big websites

Fantastic! thank you so much

Quick and easy platform for advertising a rental.

PropertyNow have made selling my house so easy! The staff offer fast friendly service and the web interface is so simple to use. I would recommend PropertyNow to anyone trying to sell their house.

Would highly recommend. Cost effective and easy way to get maximum exposure for our property.

Amazing and just the best, so simple never going through anyone else again ever Thankyou!

PropertyNow provided timely support and the tenancy check was worthwhile - thanks

I have enjoyed using your service. Quick and simple to use, will be recommending you for sure.

Excellent as always

Property Now was very helpful. It is well set up and easy to use for leasing. The response time is very good. I would use it again.

Hurrah for PropertyNow!

PropertyNow is a good site for me as a landlord as I have control over who rents my properties and the team is very helpful if you need advice etc. Definitely recommend them. Thanks PropertyNow

Easy to use site, very helpful staff

Great service

This is the second house I have sold through Property Now, and sold it in two weeks.

Another great outcome from PropertyNow. A good sale in a quiet market. We achieved a good price and the buyer is happy too.

Thanks to Property Now I have received an average of four enquiries every day since the ad was posted. Once again Property Now has delivered, as they always have in the past. Thankyou Property Now; your site works very well for me!!

An easy and cost efficient way to sell a property. Will be doing it again!!!

Thank you for your personalised help which I always seem to need. Good site and works for me. Cheers

Fantastic! Really happy. The Apartment was leased on the 1-st day Open for Inspection. Support was terrific, I was not charged $20 for pausing my advertisement. Felt like I had back up from PropertyNow all the way. So happy I did not employ an agent. Why would you pay thousands to an agent when you have PropertyNow? Anyway, I had fantastic result and funtastic support with PropertyNow. Thank you very much ladies and gentelmen at PropertyNow. Gena.

Once again guys, thanks for giving me the exposure and the opportunity to sell my own house and save thousands in the process…. (approx 12k this time..) This was house number 4 sold by us and I'm using the money saved to embark on a summer trip to Europe! :) Gracis amigos… (from Tarifa, Spain.)

Very useful site and provided access to a wider viewing group of buyers.

Our experience was fantastic. Would recommend it to everyone! Don't be afraid of what you don't know and don't believe the real estate agents telling you that you need them. You know your property and they are getting money for nothing. Try it, it's amazing. We had a rural property and they don't move quickly but we got what we were asking for in under 6 months. Steve&Mandy Pickett

I've enjoyed having control over the selling process and, although it has been time consuming to deal with all the inquiries personally, I've enjoyed meeting the prospective buyers. Property Now offers a great simple process and always responds to my queries promptly and with friendliness. Thank you so much for the service you provide. A happy customer!

Worked really well. Very easy to set up the listing. There were a lot of enquires and we secured a tenant. I definitely recommend the service.

I have used this site twice now, its fantastic and a great way to save if you have the knowledge of how to go about drawing up contracts and can market your own property and get the right price. Will be using again shortly

property Now is the new way to create sales that work. if you want to save that majour fee and have created a clean property and done your homework on price you will sell. whether you show someone though or have some agent to just show through is up to you. but you can do it.

Thanks so much Property Now for all your advice and making the process of listing and leasing our property so easy. One open for inspection and we have found a tenant and signed the contract within a week of listing.

Great service, so easy to use, sold my own property in only 4 weeks!!

Dear Propertynow I just wanted to thank you for your support in the sale of the above property. I was a Real Estate Agent for over 20 years and my son in law asked me to sell his duplex I no longer have a licence and he did not want to pay out thousands for the commission to a real estate agent. Being trained in the business for so long I must admit I was dubious, one thing I did know, was the home must be on a website and Propertynow put the home on many sites. eg; Realestate.com, Domain and others I was amazed at the response we go to settlement soon, the experience has changed my mind completely on the best way to sell a home. Unlike me who has had years of experience, anyone could use your service I do think if you want private time advertise through Propertynow for Open home with a time your happy with for an hour believe me it makes a huge difference I opened the home from 11.00am – 12.00 Saturday and Sunday any other calls i did open for people who could not come at those times and I made a couple of exceptions but most people obliged to my times You can ask agents to give you appraisals so you know where the property lies in the market or look uo sited to find out how much similar propertys to yours have sold for Stick to your price but don’t put an unrealistic price on it to start or you will loose a potential buyer. Also be wary of the ridiculous offers. You need to take your own photos and add to the website, if this is too difficult it can be done for you I paid for a photo sign as well through Open2 View with my name and phone details this was an extra cost of around $200 Altogether it was about $860 + a solicitor that was $550 absolutely amazing So in saying all that the important thing is to do your homework especially the money numbers, you’ll be amazed at what savings you can make (“Trust me I’m an X real estate agent” Too funny) I wish everyone who decides on this service the very best and endless enjoyment spending the thousands they save by using Propertynow My son in law got the price he wanted and didn’t have to pay a huge commission to an agent. I might add I’m putting in an invoice to him for my service After this review I may also send one through to Propertynow Thank you so much Property now team Kindest regards Laraine Whyte

ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND THIS SITE!! I have done extensive research before deciding on property now, it was a ultra smooth transaction from start to finish. When I had 3 offers after the first inspection, we called Andrew, who spent half an hour patiently explain to us what we should do next. It wasn't all smooth sailing, as we have learned never trust any buyers until they put down a holding deposit because the initial buyer just vanished. After 3 open houses and 5 weeks later, the property was sold. We got a fantastic price and it was exactly the price we wanted for the property, consider the market is cooling down somewhat but we were still able to sell within the time frame. Quite a few real estate agent approached us and wanted to sell it for us, but we rather have the control to sell it how we want to, and not at an inflated price but getting disappointed after. I am pleasantly surprised that all the potential buyers who walked through the property thought it was refreshing that the property is not represented by a real estate agent. Overall, a very positive experience and I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to sell their property.

I am very please with the quality of the listing, assistance with uploading photos and responses received. Peter Lawson

Great website and very helpful staff. Prompt in replying to e-mails and offering solid detailed advise to help rent our property. Very affordable at $175 until leased. Highly recommended it! Thank you.