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If you are located in Tasmania, particuluarly Hobart, konw the specific laws that covers the buy and sell of properties. One particular law, the Conveyencing and Law of Property Act 1884 applies to such circumstances.

One of the requirements based on the above mentioned law is that the selling or the intent to sell should always be in writing. Another provision explains about the land sold that is held by lease: 

?Where land sold is held by lease (not including under-lease), the purchaser shall assume, unless the contrary appears, that the lease was duly granted; and on production of the receipt for the last payment due for rent under the lease before the date of actual completion of the purchase, he shall assume, unless the contrary appears, that all the covenants and provisions of the lease have been duly performed and observed up to the date of actual completion of the purchase." - Section 3.3

Another provision states about the inclusion of conveyancing. Thus, in Tasmania, conveyancing is a must and part of the process of buying/selling a property. Section 6 states what is included in a conveyance of land.

Know what are the different rules and provisions when it comes to purcahing or selling a propertyin Hobart.

Buying or selling a property nowadays is easier because of easy to access information from the web. But the ever present of steep prices and hidden charges made by agents and real estate firms makes it hard for a buyer or seller to sell or buy a property easily. Not to mention the hassle encountered by a buyer and/or seller involved in such transactions.

Such circumstances is the main reason behind the creation of PropertyNow. An Australian based and online company, PropertyNow will help you post your property in different well-known real estate listings, not to mention will help you detect any errors in your listings and correct them to avoid having your listings rejected or cancelled.

Know that selling or buying a property in Canberra are covered by the property laws in Australian Capital Territory. Thus it is advisable to also know the specific laws that involves in selling or acquiring a property in Canberra. One specific law is the Real Property Act 1925 and the Land Titles Act 1925. Another law that would be applicable to selling your own property is the Civil Law (Sale of Residential Property) Act 2003. It will be good to acquire some expert advice to help you in the process of selling your property.

If you are located in Victoria, particularly in Melbourne and wants to sell your property, it is best to know determine market price of a property. In this way, you can fairly assessed your property and avoid under or over-pricing your properties. Remember, you aren't the only one selling a property.

Another important thing to remember is to respond to potential buyers immediately. Aside from proper and professional etiquette, buyers doesn't just ask one seller for a possible acquisition of properties. A seller canvass several properties to determine the best estate that will fit his bill. Thus, it is a best practice to respond promptly.

Another tip is to allow inspections and visitations. Hide any items that may destroy the image of your house, not to mention any items you don't want to sell. Sellers would always want to see and evaluate their future properties, and first impressions always last. Thus, it would be wise to cleanup the property and project them wherein buyer will feel at ease when visiting your property. This will help you convince your buyer to sign the contract.

And if you want to avoid having steep charges or hassle process, there are now several ways in posting your property online. But the best way is through real estate listings, but most of these listings comes with a steep price and strict guidelines.

PropertyNow offers their services to help you list your property through several well known real estate listing website, with no steep or hidden charges. They help you submit your listings and be the one to check any errors from your listings that might lead to cancellation or rejection of your listings. Also, PropertyNow will deliver you any messages from potential buyers promptly.

About Brisbane

Brisbane is the third most populous city in Australia with a population of over 2.3 million people. Brisbane City is approximately 3 square kilometres and size with parks covering 8% of the total area. The predominant age group in Brisbane is 25-34 years with most households being made up of childless couples working in a professional occupation. 

Traditional agent commissions in Brisbane

Agent commissions in Queensland are generally the third highest in Australia, to sell a property in Brisbane with a traditional agent you can expect to pay around 2.5% - 2.75% plus GST on average.  On top of a commission, if you sell with a traditional agent, you would also generally pay additional advertising fees which can increase your total cost significantly. For example, in a competitive suburb like Newstead, the top upgrade available on may be a few thousand dollars. All up, your total cost is likely to be well $14-20,000+ if you decide to sell with a traditional agent as opposed to as low at $694 if you sell your home yourself with the help of PropertyNow.

The real estate market in Brisbane

The real estate market in Brisbane hasn't been slowing down the way southern cities have and is currently experiencing an 'upward sweep' according to YourInvestmentPropertymag, boosted by population growth, low interest rates, and level of affordability compared to other cities.

Dwelling values in Brisbane experienced an annual growth rate of 6.2% over the last 12 months (which is the highest annual growth rate in Brisbane since 2014). House values have grown more strongly then units in the last 12 months with houses being 6.7% higher in value, compared with a 1.2% rise in unit values. 

As of June 2016 median dwelling price is Brisbane is $465,000 with median house values at $500,000 and median unit values of $382,000.

Housing demand is fairly firm and rentals yields are higher than most other capitals, however average weekly rents are down for both houses (down 0.5% over the last 12 months)  and units (down 1.3% over the last 12 months).

The average number of days on the market for sale properties is nearly two months, with 55 days on the market being the average for March 2016 (slightly longer than the average of 46 days on the market in March 2015.) 

Auction clearance rates were at 55% in early June 2016 (compared with 48.% at the same time last year).

Selling property in Brisbane without an agent

We've had excellent feedback from owner's using our service to sell Brisbane based properties, in fact it's one of our most successful locations for both sales and rentals. We do tend to notice that whilst not moving quite as fast as most Sydney properties, Brisbane based properties experience much higher enquiry rates and faster sale times than owners in regional areas where demand is lower.

By not paying an agent a hefty commission you give yourself more room to move on the sale price, putting you at an advantage against similar properties in the market. You can also know for you sure that enquiries are being responded to as quickly as possible and are properly followed up instead of being in the dark as to what's going on. If you're not sure of how to price your property, we can even provide you with a detailed breakdown of sale statistics for Brisbane (or a specific suburb of Brisbane), as well as an estimated value of your property itself.

Testimonial from clients in Brisbane

PropertyNow market properties and support owners to sell privately nationwide. 

Mr Crozier, who sold his Aspley property in 2016 with the help of PropertyNow said "We have been very pleased with the process of selling our house through property now. It was simple and we had a great experience. If you are thinking about selling your home privately then you should definitely give it a go. Its much easier than you think."

Shannon who leased his Fortitude valley property in 2016 with the help of PropertyNow said "I've rented out my apartment effortlessly through Property Now. Highly recommend!"


 *Authored June 2016. Please contact us if you require more recent information or advice about leasing or selling a property in Brisbane yourself.