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Thanks to Andrew and PropertyNow our home was easy to list, was listed on the two prominent real estate websites within hours of being added to the PropertyNow site and, as good fortune would have it, sold to the first couple who came to view it. After such a positive experience and saving thousands of dollars in commission, can't recommend PropertyNow highly enough as the ideal vehicle for buyers and sellers of real estate to connect with one another. PropertyNow will be the first and only port of call for the next real estate transaction.

Thank you Property Now!! You have saved me quite a few bucks!! I will highly recommend this site in the future.

The site was very easy to set up and use, and help was available when required.

Helpful staff, all in all a good process, some hiccups but all sorted in the end. Good Result.

Great service and site, would recommend it to anyone.

Easy to use, hassle free and ready to help if required. Much prefer the real estate savings in my pocket

Excellent service, thank you

This was such an easy process. Would definitely use again.

I was very happy with the service provided by PropertyNow at a very reasonable price.

Took me onw week to sell by myself without Real Estate Agent.

Hi I found property now a very effective method of advertising our property. The advert reached tageted buyers and the service was excellent

Sold the house within 48 hours of listing. No stress of an agent. Buyers are happy to deal with the owner direct. Andrew has supported me through the sales process which I really thank him for. In the past, people basically cannot sell by themselves because an individual cannot market there property on, but now you can. Will be using Propertynow from now on and have told all my friends and neighbours about it. One neighbour will be using Propertynow when they sell in a few months time. From listing my house to moving out took a total of 6 weeks! What an incredible result. Happy buyer, happy seller, what more could you ask for ! I strongly recommend PropertyNow for anyone who is selling their own house.

Great way to sell property, I would never use an agent again.

Thank for providing this service our block listed with you has just settled, not using a real estate agent saved us $11,000 in agents commission.

We chose Property Now as the listing looks just like any other real estate ad. The team were helpful and responsive, answering questions after hours and on weekends. As first time sellers we did a lot of research and are pleased we went with Property Now. The sign came quickly. Setting up the listing was simple, within 15 minutes of the listing going live we had inquiries coming in. The response was fantastic, and everyone that came to see our home really appreciated not having to deal with an agent. We had our first offer on the first weekend after showing, and we were able to get a higher price than expected. The property essentially sold in the first week. If you are thinking about selling your property, give Property Now a go before calling in the real estate agents, you could save yourself many thousands like we did! KC

Excellent site

Easy and quick as usual, highly recommend!

While Property Now is not for everyone i found this method of selling to be efficient, straight forward and much easier than i thought. If you are reasonably confident, have done your research about property values in your area and price your property accordingly (if you think you will achieve a huge premium over any other property in your street because of your great personality as opposed to real world advantages like additional bedrooms, second living space a pool or deck etc. then you are sadly mistaken stick to real world comparitives and be realistic) this method of sale is very simple and gives you direct control. I would also not recommend leading Agents down the path to believing they will get a listing if they value your fair and upfront. Explain you would like a valuation and yes you are considering selling however don't give them false hope of a listing....get back to them if you say you will with your intentions this is only fair. If you are not confident in the negotiation process i would recommend having someone who is to assist you and don't be afraid to tell someone you will get back to them after consideration. This will allow you time to breathe, take in the offer and think it through..... most of all never feel rushed or allow yourself to be pushed for an answer on the spot and if you are politely suggest you will get back to the buyer. My only other advice is to do what you say you are going to when you say you will do it... sounds simple but ultimately that is why i didn't use an agent and buyers will respect you a lot more. Ultimately remember people will never like everything about your house.... that is human nature as we all have different tastes.... don't take anything personally and remember that there is one simple objective.... to sell your house at your price! you don't have to like the buyers and they may not like everything about your house but you are there to sell your house so don't take feedback personally. The feedback could assist you in changing the layout of furniture to match buyers feedback and expectations or de-clutter, paint some rooms.... feedback is your friend and should be accepted as such. I would recommend Property Now to anyone who is reasonably confident in dealing with people, organised and has done their research..... it will save you thousands and give you control of the sales process.

This service is good but the signage provided leaves much to be desired. The home open signs should be double sided so that they can be seen from either direction, and an 'under offer' sticker would also have been appreciated.

Very happy with the website,and the staff are very helpful.

I have very good experience with PropertyNow. You gays are very helpful along the way. Thank you very much. Carol

Easy to use, property leased

Well to be brutally honest the only setback with my sale was the determination of the vendor, he could have sold it many times at a lower price. The point I am trying to make is that there was nothing wrong with Property Now as the vehicle to sell my home. The number of leads provided and the prompt manner in which they arrived was brilliant. the way my listing was handled and the backup from Property Now was exceptional. But the best part for me was the simple easy control that I had over my ads and there appearance, that I had the ability to modify text, photo's, open times, in fact any detail by just logging in and doing it was fantastic. I do not give testimonials for good service lightly but I must share with those who are looking to save the agent fees..... you can do it is easy...and a lot of buyers are very happy to deal with owners. Property Now is a great way to sell your own home. Garry C Camberwell Vic Feb 2016

Excellent way to lease your property - quickly and efficiently!

Thank you Property Now, very efficient system! :D

Wonderful - listed Tuesday at 10 AM leased by midday same day - no paying an agent 2 weeks rent !!

I found the site very good, user-friendly and rented my unit in 2 weeks.

Its an excellent opportunity to lease your property yourself without agents: you are in control of inspection times, revisions to the advertisement at any time, meet your prospective tenants first hand during inspection, negotiate price adjustments yourself when you meet the right tenant.

Good service. Great business idea

We found using property now very user friendly. The support offered was excellent. Any questions we had were answered quickly. That also applies after the property has been listed. Would recommend to use property now if your looking to sell your home yourself.

One viewing by potential tenant from add and they applied and were successful Good quality tenant

Thank you so much for all your assistance. I still have my property for sale however having it leased solves part of the problem. Thanks again - PropertyNow has been awesome. Cheers Helen

Thank you for you efficiency and prompt Replies. Great Service!

We are very happy with the service Property Now provides. All staff are very helpful and courteous.

Excellent service provided by the PropertyNow guys. All queries were promptly responded to. It might seem daunting to sell your own house but if you're thinking about it then give it a go - I saved around $15,000 in agents fees and sold within a week. I also used the Trust Fund service through Confidis and again excellent customer service. If I were ever to sell again I would hesitate to use PropertyNow. Thank you!

Very professional !! Very helpful !! Very effective !! And soooo easy to use :D

It works!

Property Now team were very helpful. I am happy with the result.

Highly impressed with the service. Very prompt response to enquiries and efficient service delivery. Our initial concerns of selling a property without an estate agent were quickly alleviated. We sold the house within a few days and without having to pay the irrationally high estate agent commission. Thank you - what a great service!!!! I will certainly be letting people know about property now if they are considering selling!!

Easy to use and great for self management

Property Now service was great. Updates re enquiries were very quick

Worked well for a reasonable price.

Excellent site. Have used it a few times now and have no complaints. Karen Ryan

This is my second time using property now to sell a property and this time, as with the first, I got a great result quickly and I was in control of the entire process. Why would you sell your property any other way?? I had a glitch early that was fixed very quickly and professionally. I would happily recommend Property Now to anyone wanting to sell their property themselves.

Fantastic response from the add, very simple to use. I was using a Real Estate Agent Let Only. Thankfully they increased their fee by 100 % and it made me look at another method. Will definitely use your site again. Thank you

Property Now was great - we sold our property fast for a great price and saved a significant sum of money in agent's fees - We actually achieved a higher price than the local agents appraised the property for. The site worked perfectly and Property Now service was excellent. Who really needs an agent these days?

Good quality efficient advertising, got great results!