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I was happy with the website and service.

When I decided to sell, the real estate agent who had been managing my property did an assessment and gave me a valuation, which ranged from what I paid for it two years ago up to $30,000 more than that figure. She also told me the commission would be around $11,500. When I looked on I thought the valuation didn't look right. That's when I decided to go through Property Now. I put it on the market at more than the real estate agent's highest valuation. Within 24 hours I had sold it for $5000 more than that top valuation. And no commission. It sold so fast that I didn't really have time to check with my conveyancing company what I ought to do. I muddled through with the buyer, who was very keen to buy. That's a tip for others; don't send it live until you’ve got your head round all the paperwork. I don't know why the real estate agent valued it at less than I could really get for it. Ignorance? Sloppy research? Over caution? Or is that some sort of hook - they get more for it than you expected and as a result you are incredibly grateful for their expertise and don't mind paying the huge commission? Obviously, now I'm telling everyone not to go through real estate agents but to do it yourself.

Lots of leads and leased fast

A great experience selling our home through PropertyNow. From the first to last step everything flowed smoothly. Our home sold in 23 days without a problem. Its a great opportunity to meet potential buyers in person and be able to discuss the good points of your home. We recommend PropertyNow as an easy hassle free way to sell your home Jo & Bob

Agents are a rip off this is way cheaper and better. I just suggest you use a third party fir negotiations

I highly recommend Property Now for selling your own home. Initially, I was reluctant to choose this option when selling our home but was encouraged by family to give it a go. Property Now made the process very easy and were most helpful when I had questions. Their email communication about inquiries was incredibly timely and I would further recommend the optional SMS feature which conveniently updated me with inquiries when I was away from a computer. I will definitely use Property Now when we want to sell our home in the future. P.S. and of course the best part is the amazing savings we made on commission.

Property now has been very good. Great way to list your house and prompt responses to technical problems. cheers

Brilliant service!

Thank you Property Now for making the sale of my home super quick and easy ! The back up from you has been prompt and helpful which allowed me to get a fast and profitable result. The site was easy to navigate and allowed me to set up a fantastic advertisement showing the property heaps of great photos and made the ad attractive for viewers . Thanks again.

Thank you Property Now, We were surprised how easy it was to sell our home with you. With your assistance we confidently had several open home viewing days. We had many enquiries and got the price we were looking for after only 5 weeks on the market. Would recommend to anyone to try your method before engaging a real estate agent. We are very happy.........thank you again.

great process, thank a lot. i am now using Property now for a rental

Why would you go through private agent when you can put your property online with PropertyNow. Wonderful experience! Easy, straightforward and it saves your money. Highly recommended. Thanks.

I only have one to go but I am building another 16 townhouses that I will list on property now

Sold when buyer saw sign on property. Had some enquiries from advertisement under offer at that stage.

Great and efficient service

Good site, easy to use, fast service

Fantastic experience all round. Very easy to communicate with, very helpful, easy to navigate the website. The whole process was outstanding and we sold quickly. Can't thank you enough for saving us money. Would definately recommend this to anyone.

Hi, I tried the local agent had maybe 3 potential buyers over 4 months I was going to sell with them after there $10,000 commission for $255,000, I decided to wait and use property now a year later, I had buyers coming left right and centre, I sold it to the second person within 2 weeks of listing it for $280,000 no commissions just up front minimum fees, if your thinking about selling yourself I recommend property now they are very fast and have excellent advise and there website is very easy to use I did it all on an iPhone!

Great facility to sell your property - I can only recommend.

Great site bringing some honesty to the industry

Property Now made advertising for our rental property straight forward and professional looking. We really appreciated how easy if was to keep track of all the property enquiries, manage all rental ads and process property applications. We will definitely use them again for future property self-management.

Easy to use and effectively found us a tenant.

We would like to say we are very happy with the courteous and prompt service offered by Property Now. We would recommend them and certainly use them again.

Leased in less than one week.

I found the service that Property Now to be effective, easy to use, value for money and reliable. I sold my property within a couple of months hassle free. I can confidently recommend it those wanting to sell their properties themselves.

Easy and cost effective way to sell your property

I love PropertyNow. SO easy to edit and manage myself and make on-the-fly changes to the and listings. Searchers no no difference. I'll be back!

My listing did not get as many inquiry's as I expected but it was listed before Xmas which is a bad time... It has sold now and it was great not to have to pay an agent commission... Thank you.. Nola...

It was good experience

I have used Property Now several times as a self managed landlord and found them to be outstanding in the speed of communication and information

Selling our land via Property Now was an extremely simple process. Within 20 minutes of having our land up on real estate dot com, we had enquiries starting to roll in. Upon speaking to future prospects and capturing their details we decided to have the interested parties submit their offers by close of business the following week. We then had our land under contract until all legalities were settled. We had a few questions for Property Now in the initial days, however they responded and gave us the information we required in a timely manner. We also chose the option to receive a text message whenever there was an enquiry. I found this most useful as you could guarantee you would receive a phone call within minutes from a prospect. This allowed you the time to organise yourself and prepare for a conversation, obtain their particulars and most importantly, answer any of their questions. Thank you for the allowing us to opportunity to use this service and save money. Warmest wishes Jennifer

Excellent efficient service

Its a great way to sell houses and save on commission, we sold in 3 days.

Very good site, the service is great, however I'd hope that the my number be posted directed like all oither agents, rather than posting propertynow's contact, so confusing for some purchaser that many of them ask if this is a scam.

Property Now worked for me and could work for you just as well.

Everything good as always.

Hello Propertynow We found it very simple to deal with your propertynow site. This is the second property we have now sold via your system and site and we highly recommend it. The savings are significant and your company is always available to give advice. We plan to continue to use Propertynow as we continually received leads which resulted in commission FREE property sales. We have saved $1000s & $1000s. by selling ourselves with your site. Thanks once more. Regards Doug & Tracie.

Great site, staff very helpful and we have recommended it to many people. We would definitely use property now in the future to sell another house!

This site was great. It generated 100's of phone call/email enquiries. Very pleased with outcome.

I would encourage everyone to do their own sale. Real Estates are not fun to deal with!

Another successful lease listing with PropertyNow. They are definitely our go-to for advertising of all our rental properties.

Yet again we have used Property Now for a successful sale !

The concept is brilliant - allowing owners access to main stream advertising sites to rent or sell their property. I found the site a little "buggy" - possibly not intuitive enough - but I found any negatives in the site design/functionality are certainly outweighed by the quick response from the office via both email or phone when a query was raised.

fantastic we wont be using any other advertising in the future except this site, 5*****

Very good service thanks

It has been a pleasure dealing with Property Now. The website was very user friendly and easy to navigate. Any changes I made on our ad were updated very promptly and any enquiries came through to me almost immediately. Everyone who I corresponded with was so professional, prompt and helpful. Nothing was too much trouble and they quickly answered any questions we had. We sold our house through Property Now, saving thousands on commission fees, and would recommend their services to anyone who is going to sell their house themselves. Thank you to all the team at Property Now!

Terrific site and service. Would do it again, no question.