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If you're reading this you’re probably wondering whether or not you should have a for sale sign so we’ll save you some time and answer that real quick – yes.  You categorically should have a for sale sign if you are selling your property. 

Hi guys, if you’re watching this video you’re probably wondering about whether or not you should display your address – the quick answer is that you should. 
If you don’t display the street address you’re sending buyers a message straight away that you have something to hide. They may decide not to enquire, figuring that your property is probably located in a bad area.

That their commission almost certainly won’t include advertising costs, and these can run into the thousands. If it doesn’t you should be able to add an item to your agency agreement specifying that advertising costs paid upfront, will be taken out of the final commission in the event of a sale. If you don’t sell with that agent, you’ll still be up for the costs though.  You should also realise that agents don’t pay for on a per listing basis but on an agency basis.

If you want to take great photos of your property there’s a few important things you should know. Firstly you’ll need to do some preparation for your photoshoot. Make sure the property is well lit with natural light and/or electric light. A good time of day to maximise natural light is around noon. Next make sure to remove bits and pieces lying around that won’t increase the appeal of the room. Think of things like garbage, clothes, dishes, mail, and toys. All of these can really bring down an otherwise great shot.

1. Not getting good help

The company you choose to assist you with your marketing can significantly affect the outcome you achieve so you should research your options thoroughly. Focus on customer service, longevity, success rate, and how the company deals with your enquiry.

When you’re new to all this it can be hard to know what to ask different companies when you’re researching and comparing them. We’ve done the hard work for you and come up with 10 questions that you absolutely must ask before listing with anyone.

What should you know about offers to buy your house? Firstly, it’s important to remember that talk is cheap. Having an offer in writing can tend to indicate a greater level of seriousness from the buyer, but until all the paperwork is signed, nothing is binding.

You've got the basics of offers down - but what are your options if you receive one? We strongly advise that you never simply close the door on low offers, but counter them instead. We’ve seen buyers and sellers successfully meet in the middle even after starting out with a significant divide.

 Whilst a lot of people are scared to negotiate with buyers when selling their property privately, there is absolutely no need to be. You’ve actually greatly simplified the process by taking the middleman out of it, and if you watch our negotiation videos, you’ll be an absolute pro. 

You should understand that a quick negotiation is a good negotiation. Where possible, give the buyer a categorical answer as close to right away as you can. When you can’t give an answer right away, still respond promptly advising the exact time frame in which you will be able to give an answer. Taking excess time just increases the amount of time in which a buyer could find another property they like, or have someone undermine their decision to purchase. 

Ok so you’ve decided to have an open house, and you’ve thoroughly prepared – what more do you need to do to make sure it’s successful?

Ok so you’ve decided to have an open house – what should you do before the big day if you want it to be successful? Well firstly, Let people know about it!  Promote your open house as widely and as early as possible. Don’t decide to advertise an open house at the last minute and expect people to show up. Advertise the open house online, a couple of weeks in advance, and consider purchasing an eBrochure mail out, or a classified ad to get your listing more attention in this period.

Today we’re discussing whether you should conduct open houses or only have inspections by appointment. There’s no single right answer to this question, it’s really a matter of personal opinion but we wanted to help you make up your mind by highlighting some of the major pros and cons.  

A few questions you should ask yourself to start with are: why did you buy it? What do you love about it? What are its strongest features? What sets it apart? And what type of buyer would your property suit best? 

Three ways to determine your selling price are by Getting appraisals from agents, Doing your own market research , Or Getting a professional valuation. We don’t recommend agent appraisals for a few reasons. Firstly, it’s not really fair to the agents if you have no intention of using them to sell. Having said that, agents often play the game with sellers so we don’t blame you if you play the game as well. 

Hi guys, today we’re talking about what price to display to buyers. You’ve sorted out what your home is worth, and what you want to sell it for, but you’re not sure what price to display. Let’s look at some strategies