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Hi guys and welcome to PropertyNow’s second weekly wrap up! Watch the wrap up video, or read the update below.  


This week we’re excited to announce that we’re now offering all real estate forms needed to sell your property in Queensland, and already have forms available for most other states as well. These are available to current clients upon request. Queensland in particular made changes to the forms required late last year so do make sure you’re using the right ones.

Our staff our also now available through live chat on our website for extended hours, 7 days a week so make sure you utilise that if you have any questions at all. are also launching their latest upgrade “Premium Plus” next week. This upgrade will aim to boost enquiries by making your property photos 7x bigger in search results than those on a standard listing, as  well as including panoramic hero images on the property details pages. If you’re looking for more exposure, this could be a good option.

In general news this week, an owner in Blacktown is auctioning his property with just a $1 reserve! Talk about thinking outside of the box! It might sound crazy but the story has been covered by Channel 9, The Daily Telegraph, and REA and the resulting hype surrounding the auction may well deliver a much higher price than they’d have received otherwise.  

A big pat on the back to John who sold his third property with us and sent us a lovely thankyou email and also to Christine, Dmitri and the other 20 clients who sold or leased their properties this week! Hearing about your successes absolutely makes our day. 

If you haven’t achieved success yet, our tip for this week is to keep your ad fresh. Change your main picture to something different, revamp your description, add a new headline, and adjust your price. Your aim is to get buyers who might otherwise scroll by to give your property a second look. 

That’s all for this week guys, have a lovely weekend and don’t forget to like and subscribe for more videos. 


Hi guys and welcome to PropertyNow’s first weekly wrap up! Watch the wrap up video, or read the update below.  


This week we’re excited to announce that we’re in the process of launching a new “how to” video series, covering everything you need to know to sell or rent your property yourself.

Our Principal Andrew’s new book “How to get more for your home” is now available as either an ebook or a paperback on and If you’re a current client, you can also order the book at half price from our own website.

In other exciting news, we’re now offering professional property videos. reports that listings with video receive 400% more enquiry so this is definitely worth looking into!

Huge congratulations to Thomas, Lyn, Beata and the other 20 clients who were successful in selling or renting their properties this week.

To help you achieve success too, our tip this week is about how you respond to buyers. If a buyer emails you with a question, be as helpful, courteous, and detailed as possible. Avoid blunt, one line responses at all costs. What you want to do is open a dialogue with the buyer, and make it as easy as possible for them to view (and hopefully make an offer on!) your home.

That’s all for this week guys, have a lovely weekend!