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This happens infrequently but when it does it is completely beyond the control of either PropertyNow or the portals. The address must be the correct legal address of the property to give the best chance of a correct display on the Google maps. We suggest using the address on a Government document such as the council rates record etc.

On the rare occasions that the maps show an incorrect location, it’s quite often because you are listing the property in a neighbouring suburb that shares the same postcode. In any case doing so is not permitted. Also a Google map may be inaccurate if you can only give us a lot number as opposed to a legal street address.

If the Google map shows the wrong location you can try several things such as – create an image of the true location and send it to us, we will then upload that with your other images. You can try to amend the legal address to more accurately represent the right address. And if all else fails you can have us make a note in the ad text which points out the error in the mapping. Disconnecting the mapping is not an option.