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They do allow PropertyNow's listings which are agent assisted sales. They do not permit Private Sales or any sales not through a real estate agency such as PropertyNow. After pressure from PropertyNow in 2011, completely changed its view about the acceptability of what PropertyNow does - i.e. that private sales were acceptable via the system that PropertyNow uses. is completely aware of the PropertyNow business model and your listing is absolutely permitted. It is true that some other companies have been removed from because of the way they approached their business but PropertyNow has remained.

Private sales are not allowed on unless through a Licensed real estate agent (such as PropertyNow) and by using a methodology like PropertyNow does.

Yes, PropertyNow is a Licensed real estate agency. The Licensee is Andrew Blachut. License number: 928874

PropertyNow invented agent assisted sales in Australia in 2005.

The system is amazingly successful and it's because any property listed at the correct price and marketed as heavily as we do is very likely to sell.

Just about the only way to fail when selling your house via PropertyNow is to overprice it.