Is my Phone Number Listed Online?

No, unfortunately not – but let us explain. To list you on third party websites, such as Realestate.com.au we need to adhere to that sites own terms of services. At this time, it is explicitly against the Terms of Service of Realestate.com.au to include a private sellers phone number or in fact, any reference to private selling.

Your listing will however, carry the PropertyNow logo and PropertyNow contact details, ensuring there’s no problem with enquirers reaching you. Our promise to you is that as soon as Realestate.com.au allow us to place your number in the ad, we would be more than happy to do so. This is also the case for all other websites.

Please note: Although we can’t list your contact details on third party websites, we can do so on our own. (www.propertynow.com.au) When searching our listings, your contact details will be displayed publicly. If this is a problem, please chat to our staff.