How Do You Handle Enquiries?

We have a state-of-the-art phone enquiry system that was the first of its kind for agencies like ours. Potential buyers will ring our phone number, enter a 4 digit phone enquiry code and be given your contact details to call you directly. Our enquiry system services your buyer enquiry 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, giving you peace of mind that no enquiry will be missed.

When someone phones the enquiry system to get your details, you’ll also receive an email notification. If the persons number is not privately listed, the system will grab the phone number automatically and include it in the email for you. This gives you the option to make contact with them if they don’t initially.

Email enquiries are forwarded to your email address instantly 24 hours a day and the enquirer also receives an automated response with your details, so they can get in touch with you directly.

We also now offer a direct connect service to those that would like to purchase this add on. This means when someone calls, they will be automatically redirected to your own phone – straight away. How COOL is that?