I’ve Never Done This, Can you Help with Advice? Eg: Offers etc.

It is important to understand that although our staff are trained and knowledgeable, they are not legal representatives. However, it is our pleasure to provide free, non-legal, general advice to you at any time. We also have resources on our site, including guides and video tutorials, that can assist with many queries you may have.

It’s important to us that our clients know they can trust us and reach us when they need to. We’ll be here to phone for a chat if you are unsure about anything, we have a great team including registered and licensed agents. Andrew, the owner of PropertyNow, is a Licensed Real Estate Agent in all states, with over 20 years experience within the industry. If there is a particular question or concern that requires a more in depth answer, he still makes personal calls. Please take advantage of his knowledge and expertise.