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June 2018 Newsletter

Hi {subtag:name|part:first|ucfirst}, in this issue, we discuss selling in Winter, introduce you to our team, and share some of our reviews and results for the first half of this year. Happy reading!

Is it a good idea to sell in Winter?


  • With fewer listings on the market, there is generally less competition.
  • If you get in before the end of financial year, you can claim certain expenses as deductions.


  • There may be fewer buyers in the marketplace
  • Your property may not present as well if you don’t have adequate heating or have a garden which goes into hibernation over Winter.

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Are private sellers really at a disadvantage?

This is the question we’re most commonly asked. The short answer is simply, no. We believe the ‘private seller disadvantage’ is more a problem in mindset, rather than a real problem. Traditional agents would have you believe that it’s impossible to sell your home without them, creating a fear of the unknown is how they get clients and ultimately, commission.

So, what is the difference? Firstly, you’re going to be answering enquiries yourself. This can scare some sellers but oftentimes they later find they preferred this system. Most buyer enquiries involve simply answering questions about your property and arranging inspections, the benefit of private selling is that it cuts out the middleman.

Marketing is another comparison that’s often incorrectly made. The truth is that we market your property in the same way an agent does, except for some small differences i.e an agency window display or advertising in the local newspaper (which, with all the commission you’re saving – you could do yourself.) We list you in the same capacity on websites like Realestate.com.au and Domain, however, we don’t force you into automatically paying for an upgraded listing i.e Premiere, Highlight or Feature as this isn’t always necessary – we give you back the choice, instead of a $5000 marketing bill.

Only an agent can negotiate? We call hogwash. If fear of negotiation is what’s holding you back from private selling, we offer this service for a $500 fee (much less than an agent takes out of your sale.) In our experience, however, owners and buyers are more than happy to do this themselves and do it easily. For nervous nellies, we’re completely available to support and guide you throughout the process, 7 days.

So where does that leave us? We like to tell those thinking about trying a sale by owner model, that instead of paying an agent to open a door for you, you’re opening that door yourself. You know your own home, why shouldn’t you be the best person to sell it? We need to change how we look at property sales, Australians are doing it every day – saving themselves thousands in commission and marketing costs.

Meet the PropertyNow Team

Licensee and one of the owners of the business, Andrew holds a real estate license in every state of Australia, allowing us to offer our fantastic service Nationwide. Andrew and Joanne created the idea for PropertyNow in 2004 and have continued to build the company to get us where we are in 2018.

Operations manager and one of the owners of the business, Joanne manages HR, payroll, and billing as well as planning features and improvements for our customers.

IT manager, Coreyna is responsible for coordinating our IT planning, managing relationships with tech providers, and working with our designers and developers to bring you the very best new features.

Senior customer support representative, Shiloh oversees all your day-to-day requests for help and works to ensure a stellar experience for our customers. Shiloh is also our go-to copywriter and is newly fully licensed as a real estate agent in QLD.

Senior sales representative, Jasmyn handles our sales and support calls five days a week speaking with potential and current clients. Jasmyn is a registered agent in QLD and currently doing her full real estate licensing course in QLD.

In-house graphic designer, Craig handles all our sign artwork and shipments whilst also managing our social media presence and occasionally assisting in customer care.

Junior customer support representative, Jesse assists in customer support and will be often found juggling live chats. Jesse ensures we have excellent client care and support throughout the listing and selling process.

Resident web developer, Pat has helped us in building our current website from scratch and has been a driving force in allowing us to create incredible functionality for clients.

Review of the month

The results speak for themselves…

320 SOLD properties in 2018
671 LEASED properties in 2018

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Whether you think you can or you can’t, either way you are right

A fabulous quote from Henry Ford. Ultimately, the choice to try agency assisted sales or use the traditional method is up to you. We’d love nothing more than to chat with you about the benefits of trying something new.

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