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Karen Goodwin

a woman standing next to a PropertyNow for sale sign with a sticker that says 'SOLD' on it

Putting that sold sticker up was a very proud moment, I can’t see me ever using an agent again.

Karen just sold with PropertyNow in QLD and was able to share some time with us, to chat about her experience.

What did you think about this way of selling?

Karen: “Putting that sold sticker up was a very proud moment. Not only had I saved myself a large sum of money that I could now spend on renovating my new property but I sold it myself with the assistance Property Now. As scary as it may seem I recommend giving it a go. It’s worth it.”

What services did PropertyNow provide, that assisted you most?

Karen: Providing the contract, the sign and the advertising.

If you could go back in time and give yourself some advice before selling your own home, what would it be?

Karen: Don’t be nervous! It is as easy as it seems.

What was your favourite part about selling with PropertyNow? (feel free to list more than one).

Karen: I could easily go onto the portal and quickly amend any part of my listing.  I had many interesting conversations with people at open homes about selling my own property, it intrigued people.

What do you plan to do now that you’ve sold, how will the sale benefit you?

Karen: We are moving into the house we purchased and will spend the money we saved on renovations.

When you sold your property yourself, how did it feel? Was it empowering?

Karen: Absolutely, for the amount of effort it took vs the saving we made, I can’t see me ever using an agent again.

What did you find the hardest part for you personally?

Karen: Being a bit shy, the hardest part was conducting the open homes, I was nervous for the first one but it was so easy the rest was a breeze.

What did you love most about the online sign-up and listing process

Karen: It was really just so easy!

How did buyers react when they found out you were selling this way, without a traditional agent?

Karen: There were lots of questions.  People thought you needed a licence and they were mostly surprised.  We had one couple from a foreign country who said they were used to owners selling their as they don’t use agents where they come from.

Were you hesitant before trying private selling? What made you decide to give it a go?

Karen: I wanted to do it, I wanted to save the money so I could use it for better purposes.  I was confident about the process as I had already been through it many times.  The only thing that made me nervous was how do we get the right price and the negotiating.  We didn’t need help but it was handy to know that help would be on hand if needed.

Do you have any interesting, fun or unique stories to share about your experience?

Karen: When we were conducting our second open home we had a couple of groups through at the beginning of the open, when they left we went outside and the big water dragon who lives in the cane palms beside our pool decided to make an appearance (as our dog was elsewhere) and turn himself into a pool side feature.  Then a car pulled up outside and we didn’t know whether people would be too keen on our lizard friend so my husband had to chase him back into the palms with the pool scoop.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

Karen: In Australia I think the real estate business is making big money on the sale of other peoples assets.  I can in some situations see their value but if you can get your house valued so you know its worth and you are in a market that is selling then I cannot see the need to use an agent.  Best to put your money in your own back pocket then someone elses.