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Success Stories! Bernie – South Perth, WA.

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We recently had the opportunity to chat with Bernie Iriks, who just sold his property in South Perth, WA.
Bernie was happy to share his experience selling with PropertyNow, as part of our new success stories series.
We hope these stories direct from a previous (and most commonly) first time seller, to you – may both empower and help educate future private-sellers.

Here’s what Bernie had to say.

1. What services did Property Now provide, that assisted you most?

“We are big fans of Property Now. I found the website very helpful, allowing the property to advertised online in sites such as Realestate.com and Doman was excellent! It was so easy to manage and update the listing whenever I wanted to make changes, such as update home open times or price variations. This was brilliant. So much quicker than relying on a real estate agent to make the updates as in the past when we sold through agents.”

2. What was your favorite part about selling with PropertyNow? (feel free to list more than one).

“The ability to handle everything myself, after getting the initial advice from PropertyNow. Being a reliable and efficient person, was much better than using a selling agent as I only had to concentrate on selling one property, and not handle many listings as agents do. In my view, many agents take on too many listings to give your property the attention it deserves.”

3. What have you been doing since selling, how has the sale benefited you?

“After selling our property, we retired and purchased a caravan. We did the big lap around Australia over a 14 month period, covering 45,500 kilometers. We are back in Perth for a while, before heading back on the road again.”

4. When you sold your property yourself, how did it feel? Was it empowering?

“Yes, it was great to be in control and not having to rely on a real estate agent giving us sugar-coated feedback after home opens. I could obtain genuine feedback myself from dealing with the prospective purchasers in person.”

5. If you could go back in time and give yourself some advice before selling your own home, what would it be?

“Don’t waste any time, go straight to PropertyNow to list your property instead of messing around with real estate agents in the first place. There are so many self-centered and egotistical agents out there who sugar coat things just to get your business instead of telling you the truth. It’s much better to deal with the sale yourself from the start.”
Stay tuned for more successful interviews, coming soon.

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