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STEFAN JIRANEK – SOLD – 13-05-2016

I have been absolutely happy with the exelence of the service that propertynow.com.au team members have provided to me. They helped me with every step of the way to selling my house. Imagine how happy I am when I sold my house on the first weekend it was opened for inspection, on the second day! And, when I asked the buyer how he found out about my house being sold he said “Through your real estate agent PropertyNow on realestate.com.au.” I would recommend the service that the professionals from PropertyNow provide to every seller who doesn’t want to pay exuberant percentage of what their own to a person, any real estate agent, for something you can do yourself. Nobody knows your house better than the owner, besides you have only your house to sell where as any Real Estate agent will be offering your potential buyers another properties during your home open time and you will pay for it. So, he/she work for other sellers but you only work for yourself. Most importantly, the process is so easy! Get a couple of original contracts for sale from REIWA, in case you make a mistake, they also sell you a form you have to give to the buyer. Prefill the form ask how your settlement agent. Then, call PropertyNow and have them help you with advertising of your house. And, open your house for 1-2 hours both days on the weekend. When you get an offer you like finish filling out the form with your buyer (don’t sign yet, and drive them to the nearest News agent to witness both of your signatures, remember to bring IDs, both of you. Lastly, make sure you hire the service of a Settlement agent, the conveyancing expert. I would not sell my house without one. So, thank you very much PropertyNow expert team. Keep up the great work! Stefan