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SOLD – WOOLLAHRA – 10-07-2017

Hi. We have exchanged contracts today with the settlement to take place at the end of October. Could you remove the advertisement from the current sale sections please? Should it fall through, I’ll be back in touch. Thank you for your assistance during the time. One thing you may wish to stress with future clients is that they use a separate email address for prospective buyers as there were some quite rude ones from people who I can only assume, are unhappy real estate agents. I was advised to do so by my solicitor and am pleased I took his advice. I was delighted with the photographer you recommended, his work was very high quality. The sale sign was excellent, though I think nearly all the enquiries come from the online advertising. Many of the prospective purchasers asked how I was coping with not using an agent and I recommended they try it, so you may pick up some new business. Providing they are not looking to sell quickly, I strongly advised they do as I have done – it’s been fun! Regards and thanks, Susanne