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SOLD – THORNLIE – 30-06-2017

all straight forward. The only real Question people had once they realised that they were talking to the owner was , how do we make an offer. we had an O and A form with the property details on it and any conditions we wanted to include … in our case the alarm was not in working order we gave that to them and said that if they wanted to talk price we could do so by email, once we agreed on price via email take the O&A form their choice of settlement agent and get the settlement agent to write up a offer and as we have agreed on a price, then we would go to their settlement agent and sign the offer ……. what happened was we received a lot of low offers via emails from people we meet at our home opens ..so we just said thanks but no thanks via email the people who did buy the property came to a home open fell in love with the house a we came to a price very near our asking price on their 2nd look of the property. they took our O&A form to a settlement agent they knew and we called by their settlement agents and signed the offer .