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SOLD – NORTH LAKES – 13-11-2017

My experience with PropertyNow was highly positive. PN fulfilled all their obligations and provided excellent assistance throughout. Our property received great exposure via the internet and the ‘For Sale’ sign attracted almost as much interest. This exposure generated many inspections and offers, resulting in an acceptable offer only 2.3% below our listing price 8 months later. We attribute this (longer than average) ‘time on market’ to our property’s relatively high (for its local market) listing price and our decision not to renovate (our original 13 year old property) before marketing. None of our prospective buyers expressed any discomfort in our self marketing & I expect most were not even aware of it! The best part (apart from the R/E agent marketing commission saving) was not having to deal with R/E agents at inspections and during purchase negotiations The hardest part was cleaning the property prior to each inspection (which can’t be avoided even when using a R/E agent). However with PN, I was able to schedule inspections at our own convenience and then provide prospective buyers with intimate knowledge of property details, location, equipment etc. Using PN confirmed my suspicions that R/E agent advice ‘that the earliest offers are always the best’, is a myth and just one part of the concealed self interest of most “R/E professionals”, some of whom even masqueraded as buyers to try and secure our listing! I also conducted my own sale conveyancing which was equally rewarding. I can highly recommend PN and I will definitely be using them for my future property marketing.