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Home » Blog » SHEILA PHILLIPS – SOLD – 12-09-2016


This is the very first time I have used Property Now. It has proven to be a truly rewarding experience whereby I sold my property to the third buyer enquiry within 2 weeks of it being placed on the market. To top it off, I was able to meet the potential buyers within any day and time which suited me – outside of working hours and on Sunday’s….this is something Real Estate Agents don’t do!! The buyer absolutely loved dealing directly with me and once she said she wanted to purchase it, we went straight to my solicitor who took over from there. I didn’t have to do a thing !!! WOW – I saved thousands on ridiculous agent fees and sold my property within 2 weeks at A RECORD high price for villa’s within that area. ABSOLUTELY recommend using Property Now because their service is warming, friendly and professional and their reasonable cost covers everything you need to sell a property fast. I will definitely use them again and I’m spreading the word to everyone!! Thank you Property Now for your help in selling in property!!