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RYAN CAMPBELL – SOLD – 05-11-2016

Best decision I made to sell my house using the support of Property Now. From start to finish it was made easy. I listed my property on a Friday, did an open house on the Sunday and it was under contract straight away and no commissions. Didn’t even have time for the sign to be delivered. More people should sell this way, its no different to listing a car privately online. Why pay someone 1000’s in commissions and advertising when you know more about the property than anyone else and have more drive to sell than an agent and very capable of doing it yourself. As long as you go to the effort to make your property look fantastic, staged and styled well, good photography and clear grabbing text in the ad. Do your homework on how a property should be presented, what a good ad looks like and have attractive pricing, if you are not a photographer then pay a professional to do the images. To me its a win win for the buyer and the seller as you can afford to keep the price down a little for a quick sale while still being in front with out the large commissions. The buyer of my house also enjoyed the process without an agent involved. The more familiar people are with this way of selling the more common it will become. Its a very affordable process so you have little to lose and a lot to gain. Thank you Property Now.