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As a real estate agent who wants to see the entire real estate industry in Australia reformed and remodelled, I was delighted to see that Tim O Dwyer had written a book about real estate misadventures. Tim is a great advocate of real estate reform and has already assisted PropertyNow and supported our stance against the industry giants who control real estate sales in Australia.

Tim’s impressive book (link to it is below) has a forward written by an equally impressive fellow named Noel Whittacker. Noel is the doyen of financial book writers in Australia and the fact that he wrote the forward to Tim‘s expose, speaks volumes about its quality. For a cracking good read about what can go wrong in a real estate transaction and what can be done about it, I suggest buying Tim’s book.

You can access the book about real estate agent and conveyancer / solicitor mishaps via Tim’s site which is http://www.realestateescapes.com.au/

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