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We decided to sell when our tenants moved out unexpectedly, which was in May and not ideal, especially for a coastal property. We had decided on having inspections by appointment. Our inquiry tempo over winter was about one per fortnight and we only had four inspections overall. As soon as the weather improved, inquiries picked up and at the next inspection we contracted with a cash buyer in September on a 30 day settlement. During the selling phase we found Property Now to be responsive and helpful and we found that selling privately was not at all difficult or stressful. We had a good conveyancer, knew the property was fairly priced and in a good location and that all we needed was the right person to see it advertised and inspect it. We also think the buyer was happy to deal with the owner direct and we had several conversations with the buyer before and after cooling off to answer questions and assist in the transition of ownership. We were very happy with Property Now and the private sales process.