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LARAINE WHYTE – SOLD – 26-07-2016

Dear Propertynow I just wanted to thank you for your support in the sale of the above property. I was a Real Estate Agent for over 20 years and my son in law asked me to sell his duplex I no longer have a licence and he did not want to pay out thousands for the commission to a real estate agent. Being trained in the business for so long I must admit I was dubious, one thing I did know, was the home must be on a website and Propertynow put the home on many sites. eg; Realestate.com, Domain and others I was amazed at the response we go to settlement soon, the experience has changed my mind completely on the best way to sell a home. Unlike me who has had years of experience, anyone could use your service I do think if you want private time advertise through Propertynow for Open home with a time your happy with for an hour believe me it makes a huge difference I opened the home from 11.00am – 12.00 Saturday and Sunday any other calls i did open for people who could not come at those times and I made a couple of exceptions but most people obliged to my times You can ask agents to give you appraisals so you know where the property lies in the market or look uo sited to find out how much similar propertys to yours have sold for Stick to your price but don’t put an unrealistic price on it to start or you will loose a potential buyer. Also be wary of the ridiculous offers. You need to take your own photos and add to the website, if this is too difficult it can be done for you I paid for a photo sign as well through Open2 View with my name and phone details this was an extra cost of around $200 Altogether it was about $860 + a solicitor that was $550 absolutely amazing So in saying all that the important thing is to do your homework especially the money numbers, you’ll be amazed at what savings you can make (“Trust me I’m an X real estate agent” Too funny) I wish everyone who decides on this service the very best and endless enjoyment spending the thousands they save by using Propertynow My son in law got the price he wanted and didn’t have to pay a huge commission to an agent. I might add I’m putting in an invoice to him for my service After this review I may also send one through to Propertynow Thank you so much Property now team Kindest regards Laraine Whyte