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JENNIFER MILLS – SOLD – 01-04-2017

Selling our land via Property Now was an extremely simple process. Within 20 minutes of having our land up on real estate dot com, we had enquiries starting to roll in. Upon speaking to future prospects and capturing their details we decided to have the interested parties submit their offers by close of business the following week. We then had our land under contract until all legalities were settled. We had a few questions for Property Now in the initial days, however they responded and gave us the information we required in a timely manner. We also chose the option to receive a text message whenever there was an enquiry. I found this most useful as you could guarantee you would receive a phone call within minutes from a prospect. This allowed you the time to organise yourself and prepare for a conversation, obtain their particulars and most importantly, answer any of their questions. Thank you for the allowing us to opportunity to use this service and save money. Warmest wishes Jennifer