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EDWARD FARDELL – SOLD – 15-07-2016

It was my first “self-sell” so I researched all the available companies offering this service. I came to the conclusion that the only one I should use was Property Now- because of the name and the way buyers dont get any “company advertising” when they enquire about your property. Indeed most people who came to see the house had no idea that I was the owner until I told them. They just assumed it was a standard realestate agency sale. I found Property Now very helpful during the setup and patient in answering my questions. The process easy to set and I got a sale but I learnt that you need to get the price right first up by studying the market around you and not listening to the what real estate agents may tell you to get your property on their the list. It is also important before you self sell that you are sure you will be positive about the selling process and enjoy meeting with people and be prepared to continually follow up on all leads you get, otherwise it probably is not for you. Would I do it again -sure would – I saved myself alot of money and was in control of the process which I really liked but I tool the process on seriously and with determination.