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DAVID HILLS – SOLD – 07-02-2017

I actually ended up selling my house through an agent. However, the negotiating power I had on his commission was so great (settlement agent was surprised at the commission) as I was able to demonstrate my lack in faith in his ability, to the extent that I was prepared to advertise and sell it myself. He promised that he would be able to sell it for more than I had it advertised for (in the end he was unable to do this, but his commission reflected his failure). He even paid for all his own advertising! Whenever I had any questions in regard to the selling process, or how to use this website the guys at PropeertyNow have been really helpful. Before selecting PropertyNow I did shop around and generally found these guys to have a better commitment and a better understanding of the process. (also the online reviews appeared to be posted over a period of time rather than all appearing to be posted (made up?) on a single day!) 10/10 would use this site to sell my house again.