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ANNIE OKUTHE – SOLD – 25-07-2016

ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND THIS SITE!! I have done extensive research before deciding on property now, it was a ultra smooth transaction from start to finish. When I had 3 offers after the first inspection, we called Andrew, who spent half an hour patiently explain to us what we should do next. It wasn’t all smooth sailing, as we have learned never trust any buyers until they put down a holding deposit because the initial buyer just vanished. After 3 open houses and 5 weeks later, the property was sold. We got a fantastic price and it was exactly the price we wanted for the property, consider the market is cooling down somewhat but we were still able to sell within the time frame. Quite a few real estate agent approached us and wanted to sell it for us, but we rather have the control to sell it how we want to, and not at an inflated price but getting disappointed after. I am pleasantly surprised that all the potential buyers who walked through the property thought it was refreshing that the property is not represented by a real estate agent. Overall, a very positive experience and I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to sell their property.