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When I decided to sell, the real estate agent who had been managing my property did an assessment and gave me a valuation, which ranged from what I paid for it two years ago up to $30,000 more than that figure. She also told me the commission would be around $11,500. When I looked on realestate.com I thought the valuation didn’t look right. That’s when I decided to go through Property Now. I put it on the market at more than the real estate agent’s highest valuation. Within 24 hours I had sold it for $5000 more than that top valuation. And no commission. It sold so fast that I didn’t really have time to check with my conveyancing company what I ought to do. I muddled through with the buyer, who was very keen to buy. That’s a tip for others; don’t send it live until you’ve got your head round all the paperwork. I don’t know why the real estate agent valued it at less than I could really get for it. Ignorance? Sloppy research? Over caution? Or is that some sort of hook – they get more for it than you expected and as a result you are incredibly grateful for their expertise and don’t mind paying the huge commission? Obviously, now I’m telling everyone not to go through real estate agents but to do it yourself.