Testimonials about us - Written

Over the years we've helped thousands of people sell their homes without a commission. Some of these happy clients have taken the time to share their experiences through audio interviews, video reviews, and written testimonials. The written testimonials below are in order of most recent and include comments from people who've either sold or leased their property through PropertyNow.

Testimonials from October 2014

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to sell my property through your websites. I was very happy with the service I received.

I highly recommend this site. I sold the property on the first open house. The process was very easy and resulted in a quick sale for us.

This was a great experience. We chose to rent our apartment ourselves, and with PropertyNow we were able to list our property on a number of "estate agent only" sites like realestate.com.au as well as give the ad a really professional look. The online application form is also an excellent service. There was loads of interest and we rented it out within the first week. Thankyou!

Thank you Property Now. After being contacted by the owner of Property Now upon asking to talk to a representative, I was more than confident that this site was going to work. And everything happened exactly as I was told it would. The house sold 3 days after the first open home and we achieved the price that we expected for our property. Add onto this the saving of commission not paid and we actually achieved more than if we were had used a selling agent. Thank you Property Now. I will definitely be selling my homes through you in future!

It's great to sell my property through PropertyNow. It's simple and cost effective. I sold my property within 2 weeks. I will do this again.

Hi, I have found PropertyNow wonderful and helpful.This is my first time using the web and the staff where very supportive.

I would always recommend Property Now! I had my house listed with two Real Estate Agents as well as my own listing here and I had 5 times more people come out to view the property through inquiries via Property Now than I did via the R.E agents! Also, the agents wanted me to spend quite a bit of money on professional photos, advertising, and to do a variety of 'improvements' to help sell the place! (All which would have made their job so much easier!). I also was able to drop the price (which I couldn't do if I had to pay commission) and sold the property within 2 weeks of it being listed! This is the ONLY way to sell! :)

Because my property was in a high demand area, I couldn't see any reason why I needed an agent to sell for me.I paid for a valuer to give me a value of my property and then listed it. It sold quickly because the price was what buyers expected and there were limited number of properties coming on to the market in that area. The eventual buyer contacted me within 1 hour of the property being listed and I had at least 6 serious buyers within 24 hours. I received good service from Property Now and it was good to be able to talk to a real person and not a computer. The web site is easy to use. I would recommend Property Now, particularly if you are in an area where agents are filling your letter box with requests for properties to sell.

Great service! Prompt and efficient response to my queries

I would highly recommend this service, the staff were extremely friendly and helpful, for the small price I paid it saved me approx $8000 in realestate fees. Could not be happier. What a great service!!

Testimonials from September 2014

We were very happy to sell our home through Property Now. We were offered advice when we listed, support throughout the process and found the website to be very easy to use. We also found that buyers were more than happy to speak to us as the home owners. We would definitely sell again through Property Now.

Thanks for the service. This was an effective and fairly priced way to market online my property for rent.

After interviewing 4 real estate agents, we decided to list our property for sale through Property Now. The process was extremely easy and the response from all the people who contacted us was that it was a great idea to sell this way. Not one person had a problem that there was no real estate agent involved. In fact, most commented that they preferred dealing directly with the owner. We put a lot of effort into making sure that our house presented well, we had quality photos (done ourselves) and that we had a conveyancer in place well before listing the property. Hence, everything went smoothly. The only 'glitch' that we encountered was that our listing did not show "open car spaces" on the realestate.com.au, domain.com.au and other web-sites. We are in a semi-rural area on a large bush-block but with no garage or carport but loads of off-street parking. We contacted Property Now and they sorted it out promptly. We had 8 individual inspections the first weekend after listing on a Tuesday. We sold to one of those 8 people in 5 days! The sale price was a little over what we wanted too and we didn't get slugged with a real estate agent's fee for doing all the things that we were more than capable of doing ourselves. Overall, if we sell again it will be this way. Happy house selling.

Neil Morgan
Wow - that wasn't so hard after all. After hearing how hard it might be to sell and getting sale price estimates lower than what we had expected, I thought I would at least give it a go myself with the thought that it would cost a couple of hundred dollars plus real estate commission if I couldn't sell it at worst or if I did sell it, then I would be at least $10K in front. So we advertised it on PropertyNow, which went to Realestate.com.au and we sold it one week later during the first inspection at $25K higher than the agents said we could sell it for. We did it without even putting a sign up in the front. The ad attracted the right people and while there were only 4 that turned up (considering the miserable weather on the day) two put in offers straight away. Maybe we were lucky, maybe not, but we are now $10K better off and we sold the house after just one week with absolutely minimal fuss, stress and in the end it is a whole lot easier than I had imagined. I will be doing it again if I decide to sell, thats for sure !

To list with a Real Estate agent does have advantages in certain situations. For example you may be absent from the property, the property may be difficult to sell due to local or property issues such as mine closures, environmental issues and such. Selling via an agent may be preferable so as to allow you to move on to another locality. In our situation our house had unusual issues. It was in a price bracket that had few houses listed. Our property had special features that the owner was best to advertise. The property was clean, in a good locality and ready to move into. We already had secured another property and did not need to sell in a hurry. As it turns out, we listed at 7am on a Friday, it was active by 9am, we had a few hits by 5pm where we were texted and emailed. An inspection on the next week day and bought on that inspection. We continued to have inquiries via the web site so listed the property as 'Under Contract'. Why did I choose PN. Well, I emailed and texted 3 online companies a couple of simple questions. PN gave prompt reply while others either took a couple of days or were vague in their repsonse. Once listed with PN we reduced the maximum price as advised by half the commission we would have paid had we had an agent. The buyer was happy. We were happy. Money in both our pockets. Simple. Real Estate agents have a places but to charge their current rate in todays technological society can only lead to their reduction in clients. PR cost was 4% of an agents special quote. You have a lot to work with.

Very efficient. Excellent and friendly service. Thanks again!

I felt supported from my first conversation when I was enquiring about the process. I was pleased with the assistance I got to set up the ad in the first place. It was so easy to receive messages when a prospective buyer enquired and then I was able to contact that person and make a time suitable for them to view. It was a much more pleasant experience than my previous sales through an agent.

Your speedy set up, telephone service and great online support made listing our property a breeze. Thank you.

This was exactly the site I was looking for but didn't know existed, nor did I know how EASY it was to sell your own property and save tens of thousands of dollars in the process - All you need is a conveyancer and this website. At first I was skeptical of the site because it all sounded too good to be true. I was sure the site would want commission once I sold my house, but no, there are no hidden fees. What you pay for upfront when listing your house is all you'll ever pay. Anytime I was unsure or had a question, the company was always quick to respond. The owner of PropertyNow was often on hand to speak to. He was personable, helpful and knowledgeable. It was an interesting and insightful experience to act like an agent. A house sells itself, all you need to do is be there to answer any questions. Plus who knows the ins and outs of your house better than you? It felt like a huge achievement to say to my family and friends that I sold a house.....and I'll even sell there's for them too.

Fantastic service and very easy to list with.

Fantastic website for hosting private sales. Saved over 10k selling privately, even do your own contract by buying blank contract from Reiq.

Testimonials from August 2014

I had a very positive experience with listing my first property for lease via PropertyNow. The advert went onto all sites on a Friday and I'd found Tenants by the following Tuesday! 

David and Sophie

We loved the support and professionalism we received form Property Now. We now sold 3 properties through Property Now and will use them again!

Mike in Cairns
Property Now is awesome!! The service is brilliant, the staff are friendly and the costs are reasonable. Selling a difficult property myself, I saved a bundle and didn't have to deal with the lying greedy cheats called Real Estate Agents. Sell the property yourself and stop giving these leaches thousands of dollars for nothing. Keep up the great work Property Now, and keep giving the big web sites and Real Estate companies some competition!!!

I found Property Now extremely helpful from listing through to sale. I would not hesitate using Property Now again for any future home sales.

This is the second home I've sold in 8 months using Property Now! I have saved an estimated $35,000 in commission. So good was the experience that I recommended Property Now to a colleague who sold his property in one weekend. If and when it is time to sell again I will use Property Now.

Rob Folland

This was a fantastic service and so easy to set up, highly recommended and wish I had found the service earlier. Many thanks

Invaluable product and service!

Great service, quick and personal help, will definitely use this service in the future Many Thanks

Easy to use portal for listing and management. Almost all buyers didn't even realise it was a private sale so in my opinion this ensured lots of traffic through the inspection door. Would definitely use again. Thanks Property Now.

Selling your own home with Property Now is easy peasy. It's easy to upload photos, easy to upload and update your listing. I figured I would be able to sell my house best to interested buyers as I knew all about its advantages. Unlike realestate agents I only have this one house to sell so I wouldn't be tempted to say I have another listing that I can show you. :) I used an experienced conveyancer for the legal work but handled all the people work myself. If I sell again in the future I would definitely do it myself with Property Now. It was the best value for money.

This is the second time I have used Property Now. Once again, extraordinary value for money! Personal service and advice. I sold my house within four days, all by myself. No regular agent needed!

Testimonials from July 2014

David and Sophie
Great service and support! So easy to use and fun to do! We had a great experience and will never use an agent to sell one of our properties anymore. We sold our investment property in 8 weeks for the price we wanted. We enjoyed every open house and prospective buyers were very positive and interested to talk directly to the owners. Good luck to everyone trying to sell their property this way. It may seem a bit scary at first if you are new to the concept but if you are in the right price bracket and know what you can realistically get, with a good ad and decent pictures: there no reason why you cannot do it yourself. Don't let any agent convince you otherwise. The only difficult part was to deal with the numerous agents who kept hassling us to list with them and were negative about our decision to list with an agent assisted sale company. They were wrong, so wrong. Do your research and trust yourself. A big thanks to Property Now who answered all our questions promptly and professionally along the way. Last but not least we saved around $15 000 in agent fees!

I was very impressed with the promptness of any changes I made to my ad. I recommend using this company to anyone interested in selling their home themselves.

David NQ
Great option for us in a limited market. Generated interest and sold within a week.

We were very keen to save on the huge real estate agent commission we had been quoted and although a little hesitant at first to sell privately, I could only describe the experience as straightforward and enjoyable. We found a buyer within a month! The process with Property Now was very clear and easy to follow and I would highly recommend them. I would definitely do the same next time I sell a property.

This service is very user friendly, and certainly a great option for people wanting to sell and rent their own properties.

This was one of the best and simplest transactions I could have ever done. Not only was it fast it worked and I achieved rent above my expectations. This is my second great success with Property Now. With a third on its way.

Leased after 2 showing, will definitely use Propertynow again.

Testimonials from June 2014

Customer service was fantastic - quick responses to queries, follow up calls - something not seen often. Would certainly use PropertyNow again to lease and or sell privately.

The PropertyNow team were great. This is the best service I know to get private rental properties up on the main property sites , Realestate.com.au and Domain etc. A team member contacts you as soon as you list and assists with any advice you might need and you can update your listing at anytime , online ( which did almost daily). Our successful tenants found our property on Domain. Fully recommend for private owners .

I conducted an open for inspection on the Saturday and Sunday following the Thursday listing. A lovely young couple who inspected on the Sunday loved the home and came back for a second inspection that afternoon. They made a successful offer that night and settlement took place 30 days later. I am extremely happy with the advice and assistance I received from The PropertyNow team and have proven what I always knew - that it is possible to sell privately.

We found the service of Property Now very valuable in selling our property and would highly recommend it to anyone else thinking about selling privately.

I have found that Property Now are very helpful to their clients no matter what time help is asked for. AAA+ Business to deal with, thank you, Doug

Again, great service you are providing guys. I have saved over $10,000 listing 2 properties with you. And I loved being in complete control in the sales process.

I was extremely happy and very impressed with the staff at PropertyNow. They were quick to respond to my calls and emails, and made sure I was happy with my listing. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to my friends. I already have a friend that signed up with them after hearing of my success! Thank you so much!

Anna and Peter
We very nervous about going it alone but didn't want to pay the $8,000 an agent was going to charge to sell our investment property. Whilst doing some research on the internet about selling our own property we came upon the PropertyNow website. We thoroughly searched the site, listened to the testimonials and rang Andrew to discuss the process. He was very helpful and informative and although still a little nervous, we went ahead and listed the property. It was really easy and fun coming up with the blurb, loading the photos and viewing what we had done when the ad went live on Realestate.com. One home open didn't result in any offers but an investor saw our ad on Realestate.com, contacted us and after some negotiation, bought our property at a price that suited us both. The buyer had his settlement agent draw up a contract and along with our settlement agent all the legalities of settlement were managed very smoothly. We are very happy that we took the plunge and used PropertyNow to help us sell. It was a very good experience. Thank you PropertyNow team!

Hassle free and cheap. No real annoying estate agents and exorbitant fees.

With out your service, I believe it would have been very difficult to sell my house privately. Thank you for providing this much needed service for all private property sellers. Regards.

An excellent service for those who want to avoid ridiculous and exorbitant agents commissions. A fair price for a fair service. Highly recommend to anyone who can manage to take and upload their own photos. House was viewed on website 1 hour after posting and sold to the viewer's mother 4 days later! Had 2 more serious buyers within a week in case the first buyer failed...which they did not. Oh!...and got my asking price! Agents would have charged me nearly $15,000 to do this simple job. Be friendly and welcoming to all inspections and your home will sell in no time at the right price. All this made possible through this fantastic website service.

Property now was exceptional value and I would recommend it to anyone as an alternative to using an agent!

Fantastic job. Great success. Sold property first time privately and sold in the first two weeks time. Andrew and Joanne have been very helpful all the way through

A one up fee until sold with no commission to pay and you get the same advertising exposure through the internet! It is a no brainer to try and sell your property privately, What we saved with paying no commission will go towards a pool in our new home. I would highly recommend anyone to try it first before going to a real estate agent. Thank you Property Now. Regards Paul & Dawn


I can't say for sure, but while listing with local agents over a several year period (going with their advice on everything) we had less than 5 inspections, but listing with Property Now, following their instructions or suggestions but listing at the same price, we had 5 inspections in the first weeks, then a regular flow of inspections for months and finally sold on the third month. I do know that several people thought I was an agent,but were mostly pleasantly surprised and far more interested in talking to me when they understood I was the owner and that there was no commission to an agent. The final purchaser has since said that they were treated poorly by agents and were refreshed and enthusiastic to be talking to the person who loved and cherished the home as their own and were personally involved in its maintenance and upgrades over the years. We will have another property to sell shortly so will be using Property Now again (particularly if their prices remain low and service and support remains exemplary).

I'm very glad and thankful that I used your site coz you are the best, very concern and helpful on any problem your clients meet in selling their house.. I've been telling everyone how great you guys are.. I'm telling them if they have a plan to sell their house, PropertNow is the way... I sold my house around 4 weeks only... great amount too... thank you very much Andrew and the team....

Anthony Friday
Wonderful service from the PropertyNow team. Our rental was listed within a few hours of uploading, and quickly spread across abroad variety of portals. The first enquiries arrived within a day and just kept coming. We tenanted the property within two weeks of advertising at slightly above the advertised weekly rent. Thank you very much your support.

Graeme Houston
A huge thank you to Property Now for providing a great service at an unbelievably cheap cost. I sold my rural property in 6 weeks for $37,000 more than what the highest real estate Agent told me I would get and on top of that saved the fees I would have had to pay him so I am close to $50,000 better off and that to me is alot of money. No one around here can believe I sold it so quickly being in a rural area and all. There are places around my area that have been listed with agents for 2 years or more and haven't sold. Just a couple of words of advice to sellers, take up the premium listing option because my enquiries more than halved after it expired and keep you eye on your email because I had more enquiries that way than by phone. Once again thanks to Property Now for a great service. I have been recommending it to everyone I speak to and one lot of friends has already signed up.

Listing and selling with Property Now has been straight forward and extremely cost effective. Its a very easy process and certainly well worthwhile. Thank you Andrew and the Team!

I believe this is the best way to sell a house. You remain in command of the entire process, which is surprisingly easy to manage. We sold our house for the price we wanted in just four weeks.

I found this site really easy to use and when I did have trouble the support I received (even on a weekend!) was prompt and helpful. Thank you

I have just used Property Now again for selling our second development of a three townhouse complex - six townhouses in all. They may have sold more quickly through traditional methods. However the almost $40,000 I saved on each development more than made up for that. The support team at Property Now has been outstanding - always there when you need them and always responding immediately to any query I may have had. They always passed on property enquiries promptly as promised. Professionalism aside, they were always friendly, helpful and very supportive. I am so very impressed and oh so appreciative of this brilliant service. What a relief to have a viable and successful alternative to using the traditional Real Estate Agent service. If you have the desire to sell your own property - do it with Property Now - you will be so happy you did.

Testimonials from May 2014

I have sold property using Property Now and have now this year used the same method for leasing out several apartments. I have found it terrific as I get to meet all the prospective tenants and chose the tenant that I feel most comfortable with and the tenant that I feel will look after the property. I manage my own real-estate properties so taking it out of a strangers hands is terrific.!

Susan and Wade
Thanks Property Now for another successful investment property leased without the need for ongoing Real Estate Management. See you again soon.

Super response. 1 day listing and half a dozen calls. Rented the house next day.

We found the services provided by PropertyNow to be top rate and very well priced. Advertising via PropertyNow gave our property wide exposure and led to a successful sale in a relatively short time period. We would definitely use PropertyNow in the future and would recommend anyone thinking about selling their property to consider using PropertyNow.

I have not stopped raving about PropertyNow since I listed my apartment with you a month ago. After managing it myself for many years, this is certainly the easiest and most successful avenue I've tried. The team couldn't have been more responsive, and helpful. Plus I was getting responses from potential tenants almost immediately. My place was rented within the fortnight. Well worth any expense! Thanks guys, will definitely use you again Sarah Hegarty

Great service! I've tried agents in the past but it is a case of who to trust and how much time they can give me in selling my property. With selling my property myself, I have full control and I do my own open house to who I want, when I want. Thanks You propertynow.com.au for making it possible.

We had listed our property originally with a real estate agent and were really disappointed with the whole process. We researched the DIY websites and found Property Now to be the best. We sold the property and paid no commission saving us nearly $13,000.

It was very quick and easy to set up my listing and upload the property photos following which my property was promptly listed.

T Corser
Thank you for your help & guidance on listing our home as a rental. We had 4 outstanding applications and have now leased the property. All within 7 days!

Testimonials from April 2014


I would recommend Property Now to anyone trying to sell a property. The online and phone support has been terrific, the site is easy to use and this is a fantastic way to sell your property. Some other sites do not offer that sort of support! Thank you Property Now. I am recommending you to all.

Drew Hamilton
Another successful sale! This time I have saved myself more than $10,000 in commission! very happy with the price, ease to list and the support I have received from Property Now. They constantly monitor all contact through all websites my property was advertised on, and provided support when needed, without me even asking for it. Selling your own home is a daunting thing for someone who has never been involved in selling a home before, but once you realise all an agent does is list the property and opens the door to show through a potential buyer, you will realise you can do it yourself, and Property Now enables you to do this with ease and at a very affordable price.

A great service that saved us $8 000 in real agents commission by being able to list ourselves! As savvy property investors, this is exactly what we needed to market our property without all the uneccessary hype of using an agent. Having used other similat services, this is by far the easiest and simplest portal and very efficient. To Andrew and the team, thank you, and we will defintitley be using this site in the future.

Selling our property through property now was less stressful than through a real estate. We got a higher price, sold quicker and had full control of whole sale. Thank You.

Property Now has given us the opportunity to reach a broader market without the outrageous costs associated with the main sites. As a small boutique Agency the monthly costs would deter us but with Property Now we can get there and get the results.

Property Now really is everything they say. There are no hidden costs or commission. We had plenty of calls coming through and sold our property with the least expense possible.

SOLD with no commission! No hidden or ongoing FEES. We saved thousands of dollars by avoiding the agents normal fees. 


What a great service provided by PropertyNow! I used it to successfully sell a family member's home in just two weeks with multiple offers taken. I am now getting ready to sell my own home and will definately be using PropertyNow again. The system works beautifully.

PropertyNow is an amazing alternative to using an agent. Not only do you save the obviously outrageous agent commission but there is minimal disruption to your life as you can arrange inspections directly with the interested party. We also loved the fact that you can speak to the lookers truthfully and there is no misunderstandings about the property. Also we had many interested parties who all said there was absolutely no trouble in contacting us. we can highly recommend property now. it was a very positive experience.

PropertyNow staff were excellent. They assisted with some issues I had uploading photos and text even on a Sunday! I had 10 inquires within 24 hours and loads of quality tenant applications. Well done PropertyNOW!!

As a landlord of seven years the only time I've ever had trouble was when I left my property in the hands of an agent whilst overseas. What a relief to have a Lease-It-Yourself option. Property Now gave me all the tools and support I needed - I only wish I had known about them when I first started. The service was a lot cheaper than an agent and we got to meet-and-greet prospective tenants.

Excellent service as always. Listed and rented within 1 week.

My property was rented within 3 days of listing with property now.

Great service, simple and very quick processing time - I was receiving enquiries within 4 hours of submitting the ad to property now.

This was the fist house I have sold privately and I have to say I am very happy I chose to list it using Property Now. All the staff at Property Now were extremely helpful at all hours of the day and night. The web page is very user friendly and with some helpful information from these guys my add was up and running and receiving feed back within a few short hours. With the exposure on real estate.com.au I ran two very successful open houses and had a contract signed in 7 days. Thanks again i will definitely be recommending you !!

Damian Shuttleworth
I am very happy with Property Now. I sold my house within 5 weeks of listing and i listed 1 week before Xmas. I didn't have a home open and sold to the first person who inquired about the house.

Testimonials from March 2014

We were a little unsure about this procedure at first but quickly changed our minds after the interest received in the property. After only 2 weeks on the market we sold the property with no problems and were more than happy with the sale price. After the money we saved we have no hesitation to having another go at selling property through Property Now.

I found the people at PropertyNow very helpfull and their service gave me access to some of the most popular portals for selling your property yourself. Ad updates were quickly transferred to those portals. Over all a usefull service that saved time and money.

Couldn't have sold it without you. Best service ever for private sell. Thank you!

Great and safe way to keep some more money in your pocket!!

My property was rented within 3 weeks of advertising with you in a slow rental market. For those landlords with the propensity to self manage their investment property/ies, Property Now is a highly professional and economical way to get your rental property the exposure it needs to get rented. Thanks very much!! I will be using you again in the future.

Sold in 3 days for more than any realestate agent quoted. So easy, many buyers said they preferred dealing directly with vendor than agents.

Kellie Rogers
I sold my house after letting go our real estate agent, who promised the world and didn't even get around to putting our property on his website. I thought I would give it a go myself. I had enquiries straight away and even though the property market isn't doing alot in my area at the moment I sold my house within three weeks. Alot quicker than other properties in my area who haven't had a bite. It was too easy. I would NEVER use a real estate agent again. I am thrilled I keep the commission, I saved $22,000 dollars without any more effort. YAY

Beth and Andrew
Fantastic, simple, why would you want to pay a real-estate agent? Property Now's processes are efficient, professional, easy to interface with. The whole process of selling our house was really straight-forward. On the few occasions we did need assistance, staff were very helpful and friendly. We had our first enquiry within two hours of going online, and signed a contract within a week! We didn't even get to put up our sign! Highly recommended!!

Steven Hewson
Would like to thank PropertyNow and their team for a job well done. I listed a townhouse with you and in the 2 weeks had at least 10 applicants and a tenant in place. I had the same listed with other companies a week before listing with PropertyNow without a single response.

This is the second property I have sold using PropertyNow. I first sold my townhouse in 2012 and now I have sold my house. Each time it took around 3 months from the time of listing to the time of settlement. This is a much better way to sell than using a real estate agent. I have paid no commission at all. It has saved me many thousands of dollars. You can easily sell your own place. A real estate agent can never know as much as you do about your place and the area that you live in. Even when you sell through a real estate agent you still have to use a conveyancing solicitor and you do also when you sell yourself so there is no problem with legal matters. The real estate agent basically advertises and shows your property. If you use Property Now you advertise through the same site that a real estate agent uses www.realestate.com.au and that is all the advertising you need.

Really great site, we sold in 33 days.

Property Now has proven to be a very cost effective way of selling property. Great exposure,very easy to use and update at any time

The guys at Property Now were always helpful and quick to respond, making it really easy to sell our own house and save over $16,000 in real estate fees!

Earlier Testimonials


I have sold two properties over the last 8 years, using PropertyNow on both occasions to advertise my properties, which were both located in another state to where I live. The service was excellent and the results I achieved for minimal financial outlay were exceptional.

We thought of selling our own home for quite a while,we had tried with a real estate agency, with little response or offers that weren't acceptable. After taking our property off the market for a rest, 3 months later we signed up with Property now...AMAZINGLY we sold within four hours of the property being listed on realestate.com Not only that we had many inquiries while the process was going through solicitors. it was soooooooo easy and took the middle man out saving everyone $20.000. Great staff to help us through the deal too...thank you so much. 

Judy Day

Good news that I exchanged contracts on this
property this afternoon and sale price was $512,000. Many many thanks for the opportunity to be able to sell this way. I recommend it to all I speak to about real estate and people are very interested. The entire process was straightforward and easy and staff and yourselves in particular were more than helpful and prompt with advice and support.You conduct your business with friendliness and impeccable professionalism and efficiency.

Professional customer service and support. Simple listing and ad updating, with quick flow-through to realestate.com.au. Property sold within three weeks.

I found the service provided by PropertyNow to be friendly, prompt and comprehensive. Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to sell a property without an agent.

Hi Andrew and Joanne, Thank you for all you help with the sale of our house. This was the THIRD house we have sold through you guys, and would not do anything different in the future! Why bother with an agent? It is not just a money issue. I liked knowing exactly who shows up to an inspection, what is the feedback, being able to follow up, negotiate etc. Thank you for making this possible for the average Joe on the street. I have found both of you guy very approachable, and you always went out of your way to respond to my questions, request. You guys were a joy to work with. I wish you good luck with the business, and I will be recommending your service to others in the future. (as well as I have done in the past: two of my friends sold through you guys already) Thank you. Sylvia

Thanks Property Now I saved over ten thousand dollars which went a long way in helping me to live confortably for three months while renovating and settling into my new home. Selling my house couldn't have been easier, and when I had some questions, they immediately responded and gave me the answers I needed, This is what I call fantastic customer service, from a simple to use website, that actually made me money. I have learnt some new information that will benefit me again in the future when I want to buy and sell property, and I'll be highly recommending Property Now to my friends and family. Thanks Again One very satisfied customer ***** 5 OUT OF 5 STARS

I used PropertyNow to sell mu property in Kangaroo Point QlD because I didn't want to pat the hefty advertising and commission rates required by real estate agents. Any time that I needed help propertyNow was always very supportive. I used a solicitor to do all the legal documents and everything went very smoothly Thank you PropertyNow from a very happy and satisfied customer.

After having spoken with a friend who had used Property Now to sell his house, I thought it was a great idea to do my own private sale. Advertising through Property Now is at a really good price and using the online system was easy. I immediately got lots of interest and sold within 2 weeks and I have Property Now to thank for this

Arthur and Dawn
Thank you so much for the help and Info for a easy transaction. I would have no hesitation to use and recommend Property Now for any future house sales, a real breeze thanks again

Colleen and Dallas Mccosh
We wish to advise that we have secured a sale for the property and have exchanged contracts today and ask that you remove our listing of 217 Commercial Road, Koroit as soon as possible. We also wish to thank you for the outstanding service and advice provided by your team during our time with you. We are very happy with the response from our internet listing and are more than happy to recommend your services. Many thanks again.

Mike, Melbourne
I was supprised how easy it was. I did have a few glitches along the way,not that they were anybodie's fault other than possibly lack of experience on my part. Andrew was always available and very helpful I would definately do it again and use Andrew a to do it

What an excellent service! In the past I have gone through a local real estate office to find a tenant, however this cost more than 2 weeks rent, plus the tenants they selected on two occasions were terrible and required eviction. By using the Property Now service, I was able to advertise on www.realestate.com.au much cheaper and find a great tenant within a few weeks! I am very happy with this service and would definitely use it again.

Can't say enough how happy I have been with the help of Property Now in selling our home. It sold within 3 weeks of listing, & the team at Property Now were so helpful in every way possible from phone calls to emails.. I was extremely worried at how hard it would be to sell my own home, but have had the most awesome experience in doing so! Thankyou Property Now!!

Debra Rempel
Thank you for your great service. We have used Property Now many times to rent our properties and always with great success. You forward the potential tenants to us very promptly and have kept on improving the service over the years. Thank you again.

PropertyNow has been very helpful to me. You have been prompt in mailing me as soon as an enquiry has come in. I had been listed with an established agent in Tasmania for over a year with no success and with propertNow the first viewing produced a buyer. I feel that being in touch with buyers throughout the process was a very key factor in reaching the desired outcome. Being straightforward and honest available on the net or phone meant that all queries could be answered quickly and honestly. My thanks to you. I believe this is the future for buying and selling properties. I was very nervous to begin with and am a bit of a Luddite in the I.T. area so if it was painless for me I think almost anyone could manage. Just writing to confirm that we now have an unconditional contract and confirmation of 35k deposit paid on the sale of our home, and therefore won't need to renew our property.

Mr S.
I am thrilled with the result:
* A quick sale for a great price (a very good written offer within 7 days of first home open, and under 2 weeks from listing with PropertyNow)
* Total outlay a fraction of what we were quoted by other agents (2% + expensive marketing).
* I felt in control during the whole process and felt empowered to make decisions on price, opens, marketing mix, photographs, presentation etc etc that I didn't feel I could get from regular agents.
* A price well above what many people said we would be able to achieve
* Great support from Andrew and the team.
.. and all of this was in the context of a so called "slow" / "difficult" market!
Thank you very much - the result speaks for itself - I'll be certainly sending people in your direction.

Jacky and John
If you do not use PropertyNow to advertise your property you must have a big bank account. We tried other real estate agents and what a waste of time. Do absolutely nothing and want $1000’s of dollars. The inspections we had through them were abysmal. Did not take any notice of the 2 page details of the house, treated it like an inspection of a little cottage, and then got annoyed when we pointed out what they had not told the prospective buyers about. PropertyNow advertised our home on all the best sites, and it was SOLD in 2 weeks with us showing buyers around. 1 definite buyer in 2 weeks and 2 others waiting to see what happened. All this for a flat $440. Best value in Australia.

Harry Stengos
I just want to say a big thank you for your great service and advice on selling our property. It does take a bit hard work and preparation, but it was worth it. The price we achieved was very high compared to property sales in our area. We are glad that we took this path to sell the property on our own despite common belief that you have to use an agent. This saved us in excess of $10,000 in agents’ commissions, well worth the work. Property Now assisted in every regard and the For Sale sign was great. The huge exposure on the most prominent property sites which gave us good leads. In the end it was a service that we are so glad we went with, it paid off with huge $$$ savings allowing us to buy a bigger property as a result. We unreservedly recommend Property Now to any prospective sellers.

I very much appreciate your assistance with the marketing of the property. Our listing on your websites was a significant factor in our success. I will certainly use your services again next time I sell and would recommend Property Now to other people who plan to sell privately.

Great service and very efficient. I saved myself over $10 000 with Property Now. I would definitely sell this way again - highly recommended!

Just a note to thank you for your terrific service and help in selling my property privately. It was sold within six days, and I achieved the price I wanted, plus! Dealing with the prospective buyers personally and being honest and up front with them sure paid off. As you can see I'm still getting calls! I would strongly urge anybody selling their property to avoid Real Estate agents if possible as I found their very poor attitude to details and communication is frustrating and a disservice to the vendor.

Just to let you know that we now have an unconditional contract which we are really pleased with. Just for your records, I managed to get $18k more than the agent when he had it for sale a few months back and contract fell through, so in the end was approx $30k better off - and all tax free! Is amazing - as a stay at home mum, it will allow me to stay home for longer!

David T
Just writing to let you know that the property is under contract after only 36 hours on the market. I will continue to accept enquiries until the one month contract with you is due incase the sale should fall through. Thank you for your help, and as soon as we get settled into our new place I will contact you and we can discuss the website based business.

We would like to say how much we have appreciated the help and assistance of Andrew and “PropertyNow” in selling our home in NSW. Andrew has been friendly, informative, and always on the end of the phone or Email system if any hiccups arise. He talked us through sending him the photos for the Web (us not being too au fait with this) and helped us by placing ads in magazines, newspapers, and of course the many websites etc. His expertise has been invaluable and with his assistance we had an offer within 3 weeks which is now about to settle.

What a marvelous service we sold our house in Sydney in three weeks and got more than we expected . The Domain and other websites really drew
attention to our property and the liaison between the buyers and ourselves was very professional handled by Propertynow ,Andrew was also very helpful
with all aspects of selling a property and could offer us as much advice as needed.We saved thousands and would definitely recommend it to anyone

We have just exchanged contracts! “it worked for me" Many thanks for being there and offering a very good service,
We settle on the 7th so please come up and have afternoon tea on us

I just want to thank you for your great service and advice on selling our property. It goes to show that with a bit of hard work and preparation anything is possible. We are glad that we took this path to sell the property on our own as despite common belief that you need an agent it is not true. I believe we as property owners know our house better than anyone and if you have the time and energy it is well worth it. Engaging your company to assist us to list our house for sale has greatly assisted us. We have had invaluable exposure on various property sites which have given us good leads. We are really happy with the results and would definitely recommend your site to our friends.

Selling your home can be stressful, but using PropertyNow made it easy as I was in control of the sale. I could show the home when it was convenient to me and there wasn't any extra charges for advertising ect.The commission we saved was about $15,000. This alone should be an incentive to give your service ago. We had one open house and an offer that day. The buyer was very happy as well as they could talk to me about the property and get the right answers straight away. The best part was there was no pressure, it went very smoothly. We are recommending you to all of our friends as it was so easy to do.

That was so exciting!! the open inspection went really well - Paul from yesterday put an offer in (asking price) and 3 other couples spent AGES
walking around and asking questions, all in all around 13 sets of people came through and an estate agent that said he was surprised at my professionalism and brochures etc.

We have accepted an offer and taken a deposit for our property. We can't believe the house sold to the very first buyer and within 2 weeks of being listed. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for providing such a professional service at an extremely reasonable cost. We've had several friends ask us "how did you do it?", so, no doubt, you'll be hearing from them soon.

Bob & Victoria
Using Property Now was so easy and cost-effective. Covering the major websites for such a low price plus handling all those enquires was a dream
come true. The phone was ringing off the hook. They made the whole process of selling my home so effortless. I have sold a few houses in my time but never like this.
Usually its quite taxing, these guys made it stress free. Its such a great idea, I wish I had thought of it. I know who I will be calling first next time

Kim & Kay
Thank you for your encouragement when we started out to sell our house by private sale. We took the option of having you put our home on the major websites, and we bought a sign. Within four hours of putting up the sign we had the first customer knocking at the door. He lived in our street and was already thinking of moving out of his rental house. Then we got a customer who saw the house on Domain.com, or was that two?
Our purchasers, a local newly married couple, were already looking for a house in our suburb. They drove past, saw the sign, rang your number, then rang us. The next morning they came to inspect. The house sold itself to them in twenty minutes. They came back with Dad that afternoon, he was impressed. The next day, after making an offer that we politely refused, they agreed to the asking price.
We had engaged an independent valuer and we set the sale at that price. By doing this we were able to say, "No offers, please. This is a professional valuation price. We've added no extra and we can take no less. Compare anything else in the area in this price range and our house is the standout inner." By pricing the house right we could be confident in our sales approach. All we needed was an introduction to the buyer. This is what PropertyNow did for us.

We would also like to say how thrilled we are with the service Property Now provided. We saved thousands in agent fees and sold the property after only the second open house – after it had lounged for a year with an agent! Hope the new year brings you and your team the great success you deserve.

S & D McKenzie
The whole concept is great and has worked really well for us. We’ve saved $1000’s in real estate agent commissions and have got the result we wanted at the price we wanted, with no hassles. Thank again for all your help

Thank you once again for providing a great platform for selling another one of our properties – this time our own home. Full price offer and savings in agent’s commission of $12,500.00. Not only that: Most of the agents’ so-called ‘appraisals’ were way lower than our asking price, so they could have achieved a quick sale (at our expense!) rather than work hard. None of them was willing to offer discounted commissions, even though it was them contacting me as a result of my listings on the Internet.

Elaine & Kevin
Many thanks for walking us through what we imagined to be a daunting task of listing our property on the web, not being at all computer savvy. But to our amazement the procedure was painless and very fast. We had a serious buyer within 2 hours of being listed but then had another buyer a couple of days later which we accepted.now seriously packing!

I would like to congratulate and thank you for the outstanding service and professional support that you provided me during my recent sale. It is very rare to experience such outstanding customer service and for this I am extremely thankful. This experience made me feel that there is little need for real estate agents as you saved me fees as well as providing sound advice in terms of legal and accounting aspects. I will happily recommend your services to all and sundry. I am happy for you to use this appreciation in any marketing.

When I decided to sell my own house my biggest dilema was advertising. Then I was lucky enough to locate "Property Now" on the internet and
all my advertising problems were solved at a very reasonable price. I sold my house to the first person who saw the advertisment so I would recommend "Property Now" to anyone wanting to sell their own property, thankyou for this wonderful site.

Wendy Masters
Good news, I've sold my unit which settles on 23rd May! Thank you so much for all your help. Your service provides great value, and you are so helpful.

Propertynow is clearly leaps and bounds ahead of its competition. A wonderful model for real estate sales, in particular private sales, with the added bonus of a dedicated principal who is passionate about his business. Once making contact with Propertynow you will immediately know what I mean. Thanks Andrew. This is how uncomplicated easy and affordable selling ones home should be.

Emma & Damien
Our cooling off period ended on Friday so I guess you can put sold on the ad. Many thanks again! We have already been reccommending your great service to everyone we know. Who needs an agent??!! We're really happy that we got more than our asking price & sold so quickly- now justing hunting for a new home!

Just to let you know we have now sold our house!! The buyer found us through one of your websites :) Thanks for saving us thousands in commission. I will highly recommend your service to others. It's been a pleasure dealing with you and Joanne.

Yes we did it with no agent and no commission!! I would highly recommend Property Now to sell your real estate - easy, even for the novice (like us). We sold within six weeks and there are houses around us still for sale! We spent time on the garden, a full colour flyer, a sign in the window and couple of Saturday afternoons holding 'Open for Inspection' sessions. These were quite well attended, often by people who had seen the ad on the internet through Property Now. We have saved just over $7,000!! If we can do it, anyone can!

Keith & Andrea
Thank you for all your help in the sell of our house. I will highly recommend PropertyNow to anyone selling their home. I don`t know why ANYONE would use a real estate agent and pay those high fees. I was also very impressed with the great support that you provided. Any questions I had were quickly answered. Not only would I use PropertyNow again, but I will encourage other people to utilise this efficient, fast, money-saving service. Many thanks to PropertyNow, you took a difficult, overwhelming situation and made it an effortless, positive experience.

Raoul & Suzie
Within 48 hours of listing our family home with Property Now, several clients, including the eventual purchasers, contacted us to arrange a private viewing. In just 5 days, we received and accepted an agreeable offer and the sale process was initiated.
We can attribute our success directly to Property Now’s listing strategies. Potential buyers were notified of our listing via e-mail and for a nominal extra cost our property was listed on the four main real estate sites. The people who subsequently arranged to view our home were genuine buyers and not ‘lookers’ or curious locals as were many who had traipsed through on Open Home days prior to listing with Property Now.

We received very prompt, courteous and helpful responses to our queries and communications with staff at Property Now, whether via phone or e-mail. Suzie and I would highly recommend Property Now’s services to anyone contemplating selling their property by private treaty.

Mitchell Macleod
These guys were very helpful and efficient. Putting the advertisement up was easy and fast, as was their service. We wanted to make a change to the ad and emailed it. It was changed extremely promptly and we were notified promptly too. Everything was easy, smooth and efficient...and it worked!

Daryl & Roz
I want to once again thank you for the excellent service you provided during the recent sale of our home. We received numerous enquiries from serious buyers within a couple of days of the ads going onto the Web, and were able to settle on a good price within a week of going to market. The best part was being able to meet both potential and our final buyers and discuss the sale in an open and friendly manner. The advice and support you provided was invaluable and I would not have any hesitation in recommending your service or the private selling approach to other sellers.

I am officially sold! Contracts have been exchanged and I move out in a few weeks. What an amazing experience and so easy. I simply followed the advice given on the website. Once listed the house sold within weeks and I saved close to $8000 in fees, plus I sold for more than the real estate agents thougt they could. I cannot say enough about Andrew. He is so helpful and will answer all your questions and explain everything you need to know. I have been recommending this site to all my friends and contacts. Three Cheers for Property Now!

A big THANK YOU to Andrew and the PropertyNow Team for helping me with the sale of my house in Wycheproof, Victoria. My phone/email enquiries were always answered promptly, help was always there, and action was taken quickly with regard to any requests I made. Your service saved my roughly $3,000 in agent fees on a property that sold for $59,000 so I can only imagine the saving for more expensive properties. I'll be sure to list any future properties with you.

I was definitely impressed with PropertyNow. The amount we paid to advertise for three months on 14 websites was less than it would have cost to advertise on Domain alone, and Andrew and Joanne were flawlessly professional, responsive and friendly. When we needed changes made to our ads, they were updated within an hour of our requests - even on weekends. Andrew also provided me with plenty of helpful advice and support all throughout the sale. I honestly believe that I got better service than I would have gotten from some of the real estate agents who were expecting us to pay them $20,000! If I ever sell another property, I will definitely be using PropertyNow again.

Thank you both for all the help and advice you gave us. We were really happy to save so much in fees yet get our home advertised on so many well known sites. To sell in three weeks was so good! We will definitely be advising others to sell their homes through your web-site.

Mark, Anita and Lachlan Dalkeith
Thank you Property Now - we sold our Townhouse in 9 days Saving nearly $9,000 on agent fee's. Andrew and Joanne were oustanding and went above and beyond answering all our questions and helping with the sale process all the way along. If you are not using Propertynow.com.au to sell your property your throwing lots of money away. No hidden fee's and charges and Great Service.

Settlement has happened on our house. It was a bit of a bumpy road but we made it in one piece. Thank you for your support over the months. Thank you also for putting buyers in touch with me even after our subscription had expired. I will not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone who is selling their house.

Thank you Andrew and Joanne for all of your assistance during my 'DIY' sale of my villa, and for giving people such as myself the opportunity to sell their property themselves. With 'Property Now', I sold my place in 4 weeks, and not only did I save thousands in real estate agent's commissions, I negiotated a much better price than I had been offered whilst going through an agent !
I had my property listed with a reputable agency for over 3 months with weekly open houses, and extensive advertising (which left me out of pocket to the value of over $600 before we even started ! not to mention a 2.2% commission on top of that had we sold !)

For people such as myself (ie. not a great salesperson, but merely an honest person that wants an honest sale and genuine price for their home) I can't reccommend the services of Property Now enough !

I highly recommend the team at Property Now to place your advertisement for private sale. My property was placed under contract within 48 hours of listing with them !!! They were professional in all areas and always reliable. They were available to answer any question at anytime, even to my surprise on a Sunday !! I have not encountered such a high level of customer service in many years. The process of selling your property privately is made so easy with Property Now. Andrew and Joanne are a credit to the business and I wish them every success in the future.

Melissa Green
I'd like to pass on a huge thank you to Andrew and the Property Now Team! I have sold my property without an agent and it's all thanks to Property Now. I have saved myself over $10,000 in agent fees, sold my house within the first 6 weeks of it being listed and highly recommend to any property owner wishing to sell to give Property Now a try. I will never use a real estate agency again.
The process was simple, easy and stress free thanks to the ongoing support and advice that you provide your For Sale By Owner's, not to mention the 14 websites you are able to list our properties on which is vital in this internet era. Thanks again and if I am ever selling again I know who to call!

Damon & Kath
We very pleased to confirm that we have sold our Manly Vale property. A huge thank you to you & your team for professional, helpful and prompt service. You delivered exactly what you promised, and we'll certainly recommend your services to anyone we can.

Bruno and Vilma
We have sold our house in Kinchela... second 'bidder' came in, and it looks quite certain now, settl/date in June, and yesterday managed after two weeks to purchase here in Forest Lake. Will ring you with some details.
We would like to thank you both for all the care and attention, and guidance so freely given so often to help us through the process of selling. This was wonderful!

Maree Clarke
Dear Andrew
I just want to thank you for all your help with putting my property on the internet.

You gave me a novice, excellent service.

I saved $10,000, being what the agent would have charged me if I went through them to sell it.

I sold it privately and as I am a mature person with no internet experience, if I can do it so can anybody else.

The property sold within 2 months.

Thanks heaps

Maree Clarke

Raoul & Suzie
Within 48 hours of listing our family home with Property Now, several clients, including the eventual purchasers, contacted us to arrange a private viewing.

In just 5 days, we received and accepted an agreeable offer and the sale process was initiated.We can attribute our success directly to Property Now’s listing strategies.

Potential buyers were notified of our listing via e-mail and for a nominal extra cost our property was listed on the four main real estate sites.

The people who subsequently arranged to view our home were genuine buyers and not ‘lookers’ or curious locals as were many who had traipsed through on Open Home days prior to listing with Property Now.

We received very prompt, courteous and helpful responses to our queries and communications with staff at Property Now, whether via phone or e-mail.

Suzie and I would highly recommend Property Now’s services to anyone contemplating selling their property by private treaty.

Many thanks,
Raoul & Suzie Dauwalder

Lorraine W
A very sincere thank you for your support and assistance in selling my units. The same day I signed up with Property Now you had my units on all the listed websites.

You and your company were very professional in all your dealings. You answered email enquiries regardless of day or time. You've made selling my units easier than dealing with the real estate agent.

Many thanks for your great concept, your support and in depth knowledge of real estate.

George Smith
Once again many thanks for all your help. We are impressed with the level of service, and will certainly recommend PropertyNow to anyone wishing to undertake private sale.

Ben Webster
Propertynow is clearly leaps and bounds ahead of its competition. A wonderful model for real estate sales, in particular private sales, with the added bonus of a dedicated principal who is passionate about his business. Once making contact with PropertyNow you will immediately know what I mean. This is how uncomplicated easy and affordable selling ones home should be.

We sold on Friday! Many thanks again! We have already been reccommending your great service to everyone we know. Who needs an agent??!!
We're really happy that we got more than our asking price & sold so quickly

Kellie Smith
We have now sold our house!!
The buyer found us through one of your websites :) Thanks for saving us thousands in commission. I will highly recommend your service to others. It's been a pleasure dealing with you.

Yes we did it with no agent and no commission!!
I would highly recommend Property Now to sell your real estate - easy, even for the novice (like us). We sold within six weeks and there are houses around us still for sale!

We have saved just over $7,000!! If we can do it, anyone can!

Thank you for all your help in the sale of our house. I will highly recommend PropertyNow to anyone selling their home. I don`t know why ANYONE would use a real estate agent and pay those high fees.
I was also very impressed with the great support that you provided. Any questions I had were quickly answered. Not only would I use PropertyNow again, but I will encourage other people to utilise this efficient, fast, money-saving service. Many thanks to PropertyNow, you took a difficult, overwhelming situation and made it an effortless, positive experience.

Thanks PropertyNow, We had 12 enquiries and the sale of our home within the first two weeks.
Your company was very professional in all it's dealings. There was free advice and you answered the phone and email enquiries even if they came in on Sunday evenings.

Rod Dale
Helen and myself have received an offer on our place and we've taken a 0.25% deposit
I'd like to thank you for all the support, it's been fantastic dealing with you.

Brendan has made an offer on the units and I have accepted his offer.
Many, many thanks for your great concept, for your support and knowledge of real estate.

Bev Thompson
Yes we have sold our property and it was a private sale.
We certainly hit our market without the expense of any agent.

Dear Folks,Thanks very much for your marketing... we like the presentation very much, it looks great!
We have a potential buyer right now and are awaiting exchange of contracts. Warm thanks.

Sid Edwards
Thanks for all your help in selling our 8 acres.
Thanks to you we are now off to our new life in Tassie!

Just a short note to tell you how pleased I am with your PropertyNow service. We achieved a quick sale and I've already referred your service to several of our friends.
You saved us thousands and it was all stress free as well. I wish you continued success as this is such an important service for private sellers.

Tom Studley
Thank you for your support and assistance in selling my home. I had it listed on 17 websites before yours but no serious offers. After 2 weeks I had a buyer from your area and after a visit it was sold !!!!!!.
I have already recommended you to others who have since listed, so all the best.

I am delighted that the contract on my unit in Auchenflower, Qld is now unconditional. Thank you for your fantastic service as well as your wonderful attitude.
I have achieved a price higher than that indicated by the real estate agent I was going to use, had a contract after just 3 weeks on the market AND I have saved over $15 000!

When I first started to consider selling privately, I knew nothing. It is amazing what you can find out when you begin researching and asking people for help. Once I stumbled onto your services on the internet, I was confident I could sell privately. The number of enquires via PropertyNow far outweighed all other sources.

Not only is your service unique and great value for money, you have personally been a great support! I will certainly use your services again and wish you all the best.

Mark my property as being SOLD. Thanks again for your help and all the advice along the way!!
I also really enjoyed the conversations with you, this has inspired me in many ways.

Daniel D
Thank you Andrew for your high levels of service and help with marketing our property.
This is by far and away the best method of selling your property without the use of an agent.

My wife and i would like to thank you for your assistance with the sale of the property and really appreciate everything you have done.
The site has allowed us to get the exposure needed to sell our property privately. We will be telling everyone we know about how benefical it has been.

I am pleased to report that we now have an unconditional contract on our house. I have been so impressed by your service and cannot thank you enough for your assistance in marketing our home.
One of my husbands work colleagues is placing his house up for sale in a couple of weeks, and has been contacting me for advice on selling privately. I have already passed on your propertynow.com.au details to him as a must do if he wants to have any chance of success.

Mary Zoros
I just wanted to thank you after having leased my property last night. It was advertised from Sat 22nd Oct and leased on Tuesday 25th Oct for $575 (as advertised) with a signed agreement after I checked references and employment.
My investment property was signed up to an agent for a 30 day exclusive authority period (which I reduced at the beginning from 60 days) prior for $595pw (with a 7.7% managing fee) and all I heard back after each inspection was that it was just too small and the 2nd bedroom won't fit a double bed. Also everyone seemed to want to share with someone else which I wasn't keen on.

They told me it was time to drop the price and get some professional photos...the photos I gave him were good but he used 6 x amatuerish ones he took with no lights on and were crooked. I used 20 of mine which looked pretty good and cost nothing.

I opened the home for an hour on Saturday which had a fair bit of enquiry, an hour on Sunday which only brought in one lady as it was a glorious 30 degree day and I know I didnt want to be there either. Then on Monday for an hour at midday (which also wasn't worth it, but that's what the Agent was doing-opening at lunchtime midweek!!) finally, I did another hour at 5pm on Monday also which had the most enquiry and I leased it!!

After my experience opening it on a fairly wet miserable Saturday all I heard was how gorgeous it was and how spacious it was...hmm, that was different to what I was told? Nearly everyone through were professional singles or couples. Then, when I pointed out that the 2nd bedroom wasn't suitable for a double bed EVERYone said that was fine as they were all couples and just wanted a spare room.

There is a saying "if you want a good job done, do it yourself!" together with PropertyNow of course!!:)

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