Harry - 25/02/15

Great results at a cost effective price. Well worth the money and fantastic to deal with. We would recommend Property Now to anyone that wants to manage their own property.

George Crouch - 20/02/15

great service at a very competitive price. as a ex real estate agent I know that the property was receiving the correct marketing exposure . That is internet marketing- which is King -and all that is required once the correct price, local comparable sales knowledge and the all important follow-up sales enquiries were strictly adhered to. Happy to talk to any prospective seller but leave for France 6 April.

Jeff - 16/02/15

Property Now has been a perfect way to save our home, plenty of interest and plenty of enquiry, no need for a real estate agent to be involved. We sold for the price we wanted, with a minimum of fuss. Our buyers were happy to be buying from the owners directly, it was a much more personal transaction and a win win.

CK - 11/02/15

PropertyNow is a fantastic service which I would recommend to anyone looking to sell their properties without an agent. Combined with a good conveyancer, selling privately without an agent is a breeze.

Sara & Frank - 11/02/15

Fabulous service and opportunity you have enabled within the property market!! This will change the state of play of real estate forever as we know it in Australia. This has been such a comfortable and empowering journey with the best outcome for us, we never have to use agencies again for our rental or buying/selling of houses. We cannot thank you enough for opening the doors for private house sales and recommend this process to all we speak with. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Donna - 09/02/15

Thank you to everyone at Property Now who assisted me with selling my first property. You provided quality service and value and will not hesitate in recommending you to people.

Dmitri - 05/02/15

Fantastic service! Will recommend considering selling on their own with the assistance from Propertynow to anyone. We sold our property within six weeks spanning over slow season of Christmas and achieved a desired result. Propertynow responded promptly to all our enquiries and provided lots of sound advices. Their director, Andrew Blachut, was willing to speak to us even on a late Friday evening (when we negotiated with a buyer). Their phone system is great too; it is automated to make sure that sellers do not miss enquiries. Selling on your own is not an easy task. The most energy consuming and hard part is not dealing directly with buyers but preparation and presentation of the property. Traditional real estate agents don't help with that! Why using their services then? If selling again I would do that myself and would use Propertynow services. Oh, and read Andrew's book first

Bill & Mary - 05/02/15

This is a great service. We saved over 16,000 in commission and costs which meant we could buy the property we wanted. I would never use an agent again. It was easy to post on your site and then all I needed to do was show our house and no one knows our property better than us. I think that made the difference as we could highlight the features that made us fall in love with it the first place. We got full price and had a contract in three weeks.

John - 05/02/15

Thank you Property Now. Third time/property I have sold a property using Property Now's wide reaching Internet services. Property Now has saved us thousands over the years (when we needed it most), and Property Now's service and advice has been second to none. We tried other copy-cat services in the past, they are just a waste of money and time, Don't risk your property to just anyone, and don't pay some greedy/overpaid agent when you can do it yourself.....stick with the professionals at Property Now - it really does Work !!

Rogan - 03/02/15

Great service! Rental property can be listed on the main search sites, we open for inspection and it was found and inspected along with any other available property. Very easy

Jo-anne - 03/02/15

I sold my block of land with Property Now. It was a very easy process, and I wouldn't hesitate to use them again. Getting your property onto the internet and selling without the agent fees was fabulous!!

Susan & Wade - 03/02/15

Once again, a hassle free, easy and affordable way to find a suitable tenant quick-smart without the hassle or fees of a real estate agent. Thanks so much!

Lara - 31/01/15

Hello, I have found this service to be awesome! From the owner to my dealings with other employees I have found this service to be great. I would definately recommend this onto others!

Karyne - 31/01/15

Property Now is a fantastic service provided to assist people to sell their homes privately. It's very easy and their support team are great. The best thing is you save $'000s in agents fees so really you have nothing to lose by giving it a go and everything to gain. I sold my house before the first open and I didn't even post the For Sale sign. I'm very happy with the results I received using Property Now and would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to sell their home privately.

Vincent - 29/01/15

PropertyNow is great listing service provider. Response is always quick and customer service is perfect. Thanks again for all your help.

Leanne - 29/01/15

Great way to get your listing onto the real estate websites. The property now agents helped me with all queries I had and feel like the whole process was a success from beginning to end. More people should sell property this way!

Michelle - 23/01/15

I researched for weeks before listing on Property Now both for value for money and ethical reputation. Listing with Property Now was integral in the sale of my acreage property within the first week of the advert. This was in part due to enquirers receiving my telephone number immediately upon contact and not via email. As soon as I listed I received a welcoming telephone call and the offer of assistance if required. The entire process was user friendly and backed by the good reputation of Property Now. I highly recommend Property Now and will be utilising their service again in the future.

Nicolle - 22/01/15

What a fantastic way to sell your own home! It was simple, cheap and easy. We sold our own home in 6 weeks and we got the price we were asking, and we saved thousands on agent fees. Well done to Property Now for having this service available.

Jill - 20/01/15

Fantastic service. I would recommend it to anyone. In hindsight I wish I had spoken to their real estate agent for advice before placing the advertisement though as I believe I might have asked for Expressions of Interest rather than put a price. However the support was extremely valuable and the whole process was efficient and effective. Many thanks

Jill Thompson - sold 20/01/15

Fantastic service. I would recommend it to anyone. In hindsight I wish I had spoken to their real estate agent for advice before placing the advertisement though as I believe I might have asked for Expressions of Interest rather than put a price. However the support was extremely valuable and the whole process was efficient and effective. Many thanks

Joe Duval - sold 19/01/15

Hi Andrew, This is to say a great "Thank you" for your team and yourself in assisting me to advertise my 6 blocks of land. Your support is great and above all, I like the honesty and professionalism.... There is no "Bull..." and I like the straight forward approach. All blocks are sold and I am very happy with your great service. keep up the good work. Rgds Joe

Beata T - sold 16/01/15

Sold my property within 4 weeks. I achieved price that has surprised even local agents. I saved approximately $12-15k in agent's fee and marketing cost. The support from PropertyNow was instant and effective. My ad look as professional as those listed by Real Estate agencies. All inquiries came through the Real Estate and Domain websites either via email or by phone. Professional photos, property description emphasizing the unique and desirable features of the property and your knowledge of the property are the key factors for successful sale. Most of the potential buyers were not even aware they were dealing with an owner directly, until I disclosed it. If you are comfortable negotiating with the buyers, selling privately will save you thousands

Kristy Hirn - Sold 15/01/15

This is a very quick and efficient way of listing your property for lease. The website is easy to use and navigate and the alerts for any enquiries make it very easy to manage. We will be using the service again in the future.


A fast and seamless way to sell a property. I would not hesitate to use PropertyNow again. 


By using Property Now we saved thousands of dollars in agent commissions. The property was listed on real estate web sites and by using only Property Now and a solicitor we have successfully sold our property for more than we advertised. Alerts came through to my email and it was a relatively simple process. I will never use an agent again and believe they get paid too much for the minimal work they do in selling property. I did the lot whilst maintaining a full time job. Well worth the exercise and would recommend. 


Loved the fact you can edit your page as much as you want/ change the house photos around. Loved the fact you can enter as many open homes as you wish- we did two on Saturday, two on Tuesday, morning then evening for those serious buyers to come back same day - No real estate agent can put that much time into you... We got a contract on our home in 1 week - the first open home.


Before the internet, the greatest strength of an agent was their list of contacts, and ability to give your property exposure to people looking to buy in the current market place. Like many other industries, the internet has shaken up this model, and getting your property widely exposed to people looking to buy in your area no longer exclusively requires the use of an agent. Property Now allows listing of your property on the prime sites for exposure to buyers looking for property in your area. If you have done your research and have realistic expectations on pricing, are aware of the strengths and weaknesses of your property, and comfortable with negotiations, it is fantastic to have the option of saving the cost of commission. This can help greatly with giving the wiggle room that may allow negotiating the magic figure where buyer and seller are happy. There is a bit of extra work involved, but the savings can make it very worthwhile.


Great site, easy to use and successfully leased!


So pleased I found Property Now. Was great to get affordable exposure on the big real estate websites and it did help generate more interest from potential tenants in renting out my property. The customer service was very good and was nice to feel supported by real people, not automated services. Thank you to Jo in particular.


PropertyNow worked very well for us, if you are confident enough to sell your own home it's perfect for you. We have previously used estate agents that did not add allot of value for the 10+ thousand dollars taken in commission.


Very happy with the service. The whole process was pretty straight forward and saved us a lot of money!

Trudy Jacobsen

I highly recommend Property Now. I was fully supported and guided by the professionals at Property Now. Phone support was easy to access and nothing was too much trouble. Our listing was professional and attracted many potential buyers. We sold our house in a matter of weeks! It really wasn't that difficult and it saved us thousands in real estate agent fees.

Jenny Miller

Yesterday we officially transferred the house to delightful new owners who would never have approached, nor been able to qualify to buy a house through a local real estate agent. We are happy with our price, and especially all of the tremendous support from Andrew and the PropertyNow team. You are exceptionally professional and we couldn't recommend you more highly. Kind regards and enjoy the Holiday Season and Coming Year in good health and prosperity.


Signed up as wanted to be on realestate.com... Sold within 2months! Thanks!


A great service making the selling of our home, by us the owners, a very easy and hassle free process saving us thousands in commissions. From the day the add went live we were overwhelmed with the interest and enquiries about our listing. If you have a basic understanding of selling your home or have been through the process of selling a property through a Real Estate, then I would have no hesitation in recommending you try Property Now, and although you will need to respond to enquiries yourself offering attention to detail, you will save thousands of dollars giving you a better return on the property. Note, when a Real Estate agent says they will get you a better price, ask yourself is it really true and is that after they take their cut in commissions which could easily calculate to tens of thousands... Thanks for offering this service PropertyNow!


What a great experience. Easy to use and property uploaded to realestate.com.au very quickly. Replied to my queries promptly. Was great to have complete control over the sale of our home. Would recommend PropertyNow to everyone.


I sold my property through PropertyNow and it was excellent. I felt I was the best person to sell the property and show buyers round. I liked it because I could organised my own open days and viewings around times that suited me. Saved myself thousands in estate agents fees and received market value for my property.

Jeff Hall

Property Now was a quick and efficient way to tenant my rental property and I look forward to using Property Now next time I need to find a tenant or sell my home.


Why use an agent and give them $15000.00 of your hard earned money when this site allows you access to the same websites and sales tools? We have told all of our friends, family and work colleagues who are thinking about selling their to ignore the overrated agents and use Property Now.


Andrew and his team at Property now were great, always available and glad to assist in any way, ad was posted the same day, the ease of edits, receiving emails and calls was an excellent process. Thanks Property Now


Success Number 2! This service is so easy and gives you full control. I am enjoying utilising Property Now.


This was my first time to sell a unit and I never wanted to pay agent fees. I really thought that they are not required at all. I probably had to do few things myself which was really easy and no where close to the cost I would have paid to the agent. I was approached by the agents saying they have customers knocking on their door for a unit. But seriously most buyer look at the websites for their next home. The customer service of Property Now was excellent and I would highly recommend them for their service. Well I will also suggest to think twice before using an agent and pay a huge commission. Thanks


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  • Very happy with the service. The whole process was pretty straight forward and saved us a lot of money!
    Kieron Sold 19/12/14
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