Kien Tang - Sold 30/03/15

I have been absolutely astounded by the level of service that PropertyNow have provided to me. I mistakenly joined another service which I later found out charged hidden fees which would have made my house sale process incredibly expensive. Where the service said that I was in complete control of my advertisement, it was clear that I was not after I joined up and I was unable to make changes to open inspection times without a substantial fee. So when I did enquire into PropertyNow, I was very much jaded (at that point) and was even wondering whether these type of services are simply rorts in disguises. To my relief, PropertyNow have proven the opposite and was exceptionally honest, communicative and reliable in their approach and conduct. They answered all my lead up questions beforehand and acted responsibly with my needs in mind during the process. Once I did set up my home for sale on their website and on, my advertisement was within my control to update as needed. It was then simply my task to run update the advertisement for open inspection times and conduct the sale of my home. I have now sold my home and I can heartily recommend PropertyNow.

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John Glennon - Sold 29/03/15

Great & easy to use service. The groups that came though the house liked the idea that they could ask questions (that would get answered properly!) by the owners. Contrary to what the agents would have you believe, the buyers prefered this approach and the entire process is very straightforward once you have chosen a conveyencing solicitor. The solicitor assists with all the terchnical and legal processes in exactly the same way as it happens if you go through an agent. A 'no-brainer' really.

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Diane Porter - Sold 29/03/15

Selling a home for most people is emotional and sometimes quite traumatic, not only because you are leaving lots of good memories behind, but because there is a lot of hard work to go with it. My experience selling my own home was so easy not having a third party to go through and if I ever need to sell again I will be using Property Now. The service was excellent hassle free and you don't have to fit into real-estate agents schedules and time frames. After all I was the person that lived in the home and knew it back the front and could answer any questions asked by any future owner. Try it you might be surprised how easy it is.

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Neale Jones - Sold 28/03/15

We were pleased with the service from Property Now. The staff were very helpful and easy to contact. The listing on and brought in a good level of enquiries. Domain probably brought in more qualified enquiries. The eventual purchaser was actually a local who saw the sign out in the front of the house. Nevertheless, the internet listings provided the necessary competition. We like dealing directly with potential buyers and the feed back that we receive is that the buyers like to deal directly with the owners. We received a good price, and the buyer received a delayed settlement. Both buyer and seller were happy. I am Happy to recommend Property Now for home sales. 

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Paul Newton - Sold 28/03/15

This is the second time we have used Property Now to sell privately with outstanding success. The advertising and exposure is virtually similar to what a real estate agent would do. From day one we constantly received ongoing emails of interest. We only had one open house as the property had sold in five days. The commission we saved on was used to purchase an in ground pool in our new home. "Bloody fantastic". We would not hesitate to use Property Now again in the future should we have another property to sell. Regards, Paul & Dawn.

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Rachael Ward - Sold 27/03/15

Easiest and cheapest way to sell property! We saved over $35000 in agents commission and saved on costly furniture hire ($6,500 for each 6 week block), advertising ($20,000 for courier mail) and auctions ($1000) being pushed by other agents. The listing was easy to manage and all messages were past straight through to me. Couldn't be happier. Will definitely use again. Thank you! 

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Peter Birtles - Leased 26/03/15

My apartment was leased within 10 days of being listed with PropertyNow. I appreciated the professional way in which I was assisted in setting up my listing; the ease and promptness of the online editing function and the responsiveness in forwarding to me email and telephone inquiries regarding my apartment. The reletting process can be tedious and time consuming. The folks at PropertyNow helped to reduce the stress levels and make the experience this time painless and effective. Many thanks for your professional assistance.

Paul & Vicki Peachman - Sold 24/03/15

We have now used Property Now as a Private Seller for a second time. Our first time was a investment property in Perth. This time was our own home in Ulladulla on the south coast of NSW. We did have the house on the market for nearly 9 months before we achieved our goal. We have been very happy with the support and help that we have received from Andrew and his team. And of course it is very rewarding to have sold without the usual real estate fees. We certainly would recommend this way of selling to any who are happy to meet and negotiate with their potential buyers while showing them through the property. It was not as daunting as we thought it may have been. Besides not paying real estate fees, we only moved our asking price by $1000.oo. We were certainly very happy with this outcome. thank you Andrew and the team at Property Now.

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Catherine Chadwick - sold 20/03/15

I did it. The hardest thing was being realistic about the price and so we knocked back offers in the beginning that we probably should have given more thought. I would say, paying for a valuation at the beginning is a good idea and identifying like properties that have sold. As far as selling myself, no trouble and the buyers actually seemed to like it dealing direct, although they didn't always know unless I chose to tell them. Property Now offered the best price for listing.

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Anne Tumik - leased 17/03/15

We received very strong interest in our rental property as soon as we listed with Property Now, and we leased it within one week of our ad going live. Many thanks for an easy and helpful service. Anne

Property on Wattle Tree Road, Holgate leased 17/03/15

Iwona Tomcyzk - leased 16/03/15

This is the second time I have used PropertyNow and I would continue to use it and recommend it to everyone I know. The process is easy, the staff are responsive and helpful and the value for money is excellent!

Property in Richmond Av, Dee Why, NSW leased 16/03/15

Dormei Leung - 13/03/15

Thank you very much to propertynow rented our house. It was only 7 days after we advertised with them. I can not praised high enough the efficient of their team.. We highly recommend propertynow to anyone who wants result fast. 

(Property in Kedron, QLD leased 13/03/15)

Veronika Tjoeng - 03/03/15

Property Now really opens up possibility for home owner to sell their property quicker. Sometimes real estate agent's fees are too excessive, it may take the real est agents longer to get the sell price that I am happy. As I was still living in the property while selling, I saved thousands as I was the one who clean & open the door to prospect buyers. I was very happy with Property Now's fees. Thank You so much guys.

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Marie Korrelvink - 01/03/15

Thank you for your support through the selling of my property. It was good to be able to sell it without the heavy $ that go to a real estate, that has helped a lot, and it was not as difficult as I assumed at first, that it would be. Hope more people will become aware of this way of selling. Thank you again

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Harry - 25/02/15

Great results at a cost effective price. Well worth the money and fantastic to deal with. We would recommend Property Now to anyone that wants to manage their own property.

George Crouch - 20/02/15

great service at a very competitive price. as a ex real estate agent I know that the property was receiving the correct marketing exposure . That is internet marketing- which is King -and all that is required once the correct price, local comparable sales knowledge and the all important follow-up sales enquiries were strictly adhered to. Happy to talk to any prospective seller but leave for France 6 April.

Jeff - 16/02/15

Property Now has been a perfect way to save our home, plenty of interest and plenty of enquiry, no need for a real estate agent to be involved. We sold for the price we wanted, with a minimum of fuss. Our buyers were happy to be buying from the owners directly, it was a much more personal transaction and a win win.

CK - 11/02/15

PropertyNow is a fantastic service which I would recommend to anyone looking to sell their properties without an agent. Combined with a good conveyancer, selling privately without an agent is a breeze.

Sara & Frank - 11/02/15

Fabulous service and opportunity you have enabled within the property market!! This will change the state of play of real estate forever as we know it in Australia. This has been such a comfortable and empowering journey with the best outcome for us, we never have to use agencies again for our rental or buying/selling of houses. We cannot thank you enough for opening the doors for private house sales and recommend this process to all we speak with. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Donna - 09/02/15

Thank you to everyone at Property Now who assisted me with selling my first property. You provided quality service and value and will not hesitate in recommending you to people.

Dmitri - 05/02/15

Fantastic service! Will recommend considering selling on their own with the assistance from Propertynow to anyone. We sold our property within six weeks spanning over slow season of Christmas and achieved a desired result. Propertynow responded promptly to all our enquiries and provided lots of sound advices. Their director, Andrew Blachut, was willing to speak to us even on a late Friday evening (when we negotiated with a buyer). Their phone system is great too; it is automated to make sure that sellers do not miss enquiries. Selling on your own is not an easy task. The most energy consuming and hard part is not dealing directly with buyers but preparation and presentation of the property. Traditional real estate agents don't help with that! Why using their services then? If selling again I would do that myself and would use Propertynow services. Oh, and read Andrew's book first

Bill & Mary - 05/02/15

This is a great service. We saved over 16,000 in commission and costs which meant we could buy the property we wanted. I would never use an agent again. It was easy to post on your site and then all I needed to do was show our house and no one knows our property better than us. I think that made the difference as we could highlight the features that made us fall in love with it the first place. We got full price and had a contract in three weeks.

John - 05/02/15

Thank you Property Now. Third time/property I have sold a property using Property Now's wide reaching Internet services. Property Now has saved us thousands over the years (when we needed it most), and Property Now's service and advice has been second to none. We tried other copy-cat services in the past, they are just a waste of money and time, Don't risk your property to just anyone, and don't pay some greedy/overpaid agent when you can do it yourself.....stick with the professionals at Property Now - it really does Work !!

Rogan - 03/02/15

Great service! Rental property can be listed on the main search sites, we open for inspection and it was found and inspected along with any other available property. Very easy

Jo-anne - 03/02/15

I sold my block of land with Property Now. It was a very easy process, and I wouldn't hesitate to use them again. Getting your property onto the internet and selling without the agent fees was fabulous!!

Susan & Wade - 03/02/15

Once again, a hassle free, easy and affordable way to find a suitable tenant quick-smart without the hassle or fees of a real estate agent. Thanks so much!


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  • Very happy with the service. The whole process was pretty straight forward and saved us a lot of money!
    Kieron Sold 19/12/14
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