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You may submit an offer to purchase any PropertyNow listing. PropertyNow hosts thousands of real estate agent listings, in addition to its own, and we naturally only negotiate on those properties owned by our clients.

When you wish to submit an offer you may use the link below. Offers are not binding and only become so after contracts are exchanged, any cooling off period has ceased and a deposit paid. Therefore, you may be relaxed about submitting your offer to purchase.

PropertyNow does not charge for negotiations. We also send a sales advice to the conveyancers of both parties once agreement on price and conditions is reached. The link below will take you to a form where you will be asked for your contact details, price offered and any special condition requests, such as delayed settlement, etc. Offers may be made subject to finance, building inspection and pest inspection, etc.

While it is not compulsory, if you have the details it's a good idea to input your conveyancers details as well as they will be needed if agreement is reached. If you don't have your conveyancers details at this time, don't worry. The form opens in a new window and the PropertyNow website will remain so you don't lose your place.

Click here to submit your offer to buy a house  or any other PropertyNow listing (land, unit, etc).

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