Our Real Estate Sign

Below is an example of the PropertyNow signboard.

A signboard costs $65 and is optional, you order one or more signs either at signup or at a later time. We mail it to you via Australia Post. You will need to spend around ten dollars in order to buy two garden stakes (or pickets) and six screws and washers. If you don't want to (or can't) erect the sign on your front yard, then you can attach it to a fence, place it inside a window, or on a wall etc.

The sign is 4mm corflute and is impervious to water. The dimensions of the property signboard are 900mm by 600mm wide. The sign can carry one or two phone numbers and you may nominate those numbers on your listing form.

The signboard can take up to 10 working days to arrive depending on your location and depending on Australia Post. We order it as soon as you list your property for sale.  Your real estate signboard is printed within 24 hours of us placing the order and then left to stand overnight before postage (so that the ink (from when we insert your phone numbers) can dry completely Please note that the signboard illustrated below has other phone numbers...... but your sign will of course carry your number (or numbers).

You can also order an Open House sign board. The board is 45cm x 30cm and comes with a lawn spike to insert into the ground. The cost of the Open House sign board is $50 (includes delivery).

This sign incorporates a blank area to write your own customised details to suit your event. Commonly used for address details and inspection times.

All open house signs are made with a Trusted 5mm durable Multiflute™ polypropylene, one of the highest grades in Realty materials available in Australia; specifically made to suit continuous outdoor use. Our Open House Signs will compliment any already existing sign and definitely boost exposure. 

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